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Off with a 3 to 10 inning went over Cleveland. And they will host those twins tomorrow. Quite a few accidents out on your expressways. We have a new accident on the inbound bishop for that cottage Grove That's back and things up from 115th. Also in earlier crash on the outbound side, the Eisenhower approaching Austin That's also still having some heavy delays. But the biggest story of the morning is Don't get on the outbound Kennedy the outbound Kennedy is shut down at Addison. Due to a crash involving motorcyclist was serious injuries. They're diverting all traffic onto that Addison exit ramp. But you're not gonna be able to get on to outbound Kennedy until you hit Keeler. But all of those side streets are jammed. So you're on the brakes right now from Armitage all the way to Addison and getting back on. Is probably going to be the smartest route is if you're trying to get back if you're trying to get back on the outbound Kennedy to take the Lawrence exit to avoid some of that traffic getting onto that Keeler exit, or if you're getting to the Edens, take the Wilson exit Either way. Just try to avoid the upon Kennedy Take lakeshore Drive. If you can. I'm Vicky Jacuzzi in from the Idol traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. The Light's on battle for first place continues on the South side. Marcinkowski invited to join us for pregame coverage is 6 35 and Ian D. J. With the play by play call at 7 10.

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