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Inter team sports and league games remain off limits. An anti mask. Flash mob at a Fort Lauderdale target store is leading to citations. Three people who took part or each receiving a $100 fine from Broward County for failing to wear a mask. The lead singer of twisted sister Dee Snider condemned the group for using one of their songs. It's 6 33 the search for a missing boater. Maybe at a sad end. Miami Dade police recovering a body and Haulover Inlet during a search for Zack Fort. The 27 year old went missing yesterday morning after a boat crash. But Florida Wildlife Commission did not identify his body. Yet to others involved in the crash will be okay. To Broward deputies accused in the rough takedown of the Tamarack teen or heading to court this afternoon asking a judge to drop charges because they say they acted in self defense deputies Gregory Le Sarah and Christopher Creek, which Want the misdemeanor battery charges dismissed Under the stand Your ground law, which allows appropriate use of force in self defence, prosecutors will need to prove that they were not acting in self defense at the time of DeLuca rolls, arrest for the case to move forward. The company behind the Miami Dade School district's online learning platforms involved. In another controversy, the inspector general announced its investigating a donation K 12 May to the nonprofit chaired by Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo. The foundation for New Education Initiatives got a $1.5 million donation from K 12, which got a no bid contract to run the district's online learning platform. That platform. My school online was scrapped shortly after the school year started due to several issues. 6 30 for the Jewish high Holy Days begin at sundown tonight with Russia Tiana the Jewish New Year, but thanks to the pandemic traditional services Will be a little unorthodox those synagogues air streaming services online. But the avatar, a Turnberry Jewish center, is offering driving services at diesel in Park in north Miami. That experience will be piped into the FM radios of all of the cars that are gathering people will be encouraged to stay in their cars. People math, Rabbi Jonathan Birkin says. They had to get creative this year to find a way for people to feel connected and be together without putting anyone's health at risk. Congregants will watch the service on a giant 40 inch screen and view the rabbis who will be standing on a makeshift Bheema, where they will display the Tour Scrolls. Wendi Grossman, NewsRadio sixth and W. Y. O D. Well, Mother Nature's putting plans for another Space six launch on Hold. Bad weather expected to last a couple of days, so no new launch date's been announced. The launch was originally set for yesterday. It was scrubbed 15 minutes before lift off because of what space six calls A recovery issue mornings at seven at 6 35. I'm Natalie Roger. Guess. News radio, 6 10 w hot flashes, irritability, intimate dryness, even unsatisfying sex. Hi, I'm Dr

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