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If we think it was good for the last three years, it's going to be phenomenal. Just because of the penned up The animal spirits that are going on right now in the market, it's going to be really, really good. I feel good about that. So that's what I believe. But at the same time As optimistic as I am. I wouldn't want to ride that optimistic optimism so far that I kind of lose touch with the reality of what could happen. And we've got to be careful that All right. All right, David. Thank you. I'm glad you called. Me go to Andrew in Ohio, Andrew My damn good morning. Good morning to you as well. Hey, uh, I've got a question. I talk to you about two years ago about starting a fund for our Children. Tom Saving for later college. Expensive or whatever else they may end up coming into and kind of talking about the Timothy Plan. One of the mutual funds I think the tlv X that we ended up going with think MidCap. And one of the things you said was that of looking at the price of what did it get into just continuously put into it right War you put into it, the better be in the long run, and we've been doing that and pretty successful so

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