ViacomCBS to rebrand CBS All Access as Paramount Plus


Almost networks are trying to get a spot in the streaming space, and CBS is no stranger. They have CBS all access right now, but now it's getting a rebrand. So if you have CBS all access The new name is called Paramount. Plus, it's going to be right. Keep to keep track of home. Keep her dance card open. But now Paramount Plus is going to be re branded in 2021, so you'll still have CBS all access. Through the end of the year, There were five new original shows, including a new version of Behind the music, So that's kind of fun. Rumor that sighting one show. He's also going to be a 10 part limited, Siri's about the making of the Godfather and a re launch of the Siri's the game. It's also going to feature content from Nickelodeon, CBS, MTV comedy Central and other Viacom Networks. They're actually getting a lot more than what you get right now. A CBS all access Okay, Well, don't you know you'll have to pay

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