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You just the tip. All right. I just the tip. We've got to put you on hold give them enterprise back just because he had the. Them in a price back inlet and he gave us a door on the way out I'm looking forward now. All right we got one more segment ago. We're GONNA talk about we'll take more of your calls eight seven. Espn we got the NFL pigs versus the spread is our last show for a while at least this week. Because of the Games. So we're GONNA do that Phillies Independencia there. May He go loud us say something for your people is my mind working? I. Wasn't sure. Yet. We got drink something and if you don't drink the dealer, then you gotta go and get a beer shut out apples to the folks of their Soro Tequila they sent me some for Mexican independence I appreciate them. My friends at Taco malicious delivered it to me. So thank you to them. Was Nice. Yeah, this cocktail kit and everything would like fancy juicers to Margaritas and stuff I'm going to do all that. Maybe, we don't gotTa Show for God knows how long Marguerite I no. Longer have a sports center here that I got bumped by Larry Scott the PAC twelve commissioner. So he's going to try and convince you that has has nothing to do with money. Right. Exactly. Sure sure that's the case I got two things. Before we get to cross talk with Scotty caps, we gotta do our pigs against the spread and I wanna play that montage one more time from marsh our boy at pickup hoop of all our friends in the media who went all in on the clippers and. Didn't work out so well for them. So we will have some fun with our friends in a moment but Laura Gimme some NFL music give me some. There we go. That works. So here's how we do it. Okay. Are Five Games we pick against the spread. We also assign a confidence vote to it, for example. The team, you are most confident in your pick against the spread, you give them a five you assign them a five, the team, your lease confident in you assign them a one Greg Bergman keeps the point tally and the four of us will compete all season long, and even when we don't have a show if we're off for some reason for whatever reason, we will do it on the Internet have receipts for everybody. So the first game, the three teams will always be part of this the rams chargers, raiders barring a Bi Week. So we'll start with the rams the Los Angeles Rams are taking on the eagles they're going on the road this game opened three and a half eagles it is now a pick him at this point I'm going to go with the rams as a pickup because of the everyone was jumping on the rams as a as an underdog I feel like they're still gonNA. Win The game L. and that's a five for me L Z where you going. As I've said countless times before George I always pick the rams and they're always my top choice. So Ram's five Okay Greg Bergman well, are you really going to go with the rams at a five every week? All right. Well, anyway, I'm GonNa take the rams also at a four though Oh, look at you full noble for this week but he's GonNa take five every week every week whatever that's his method you know how many of these are one? Zero none. Loud. Rams, Eagles Rams five okay. Show some confidence in you go. So Look Bergman, you're showing your raider colors by before. next the Los Angeles chargers versus the Kansas City chiefs chiefs are eight and a half point favorites. I'm GonNa take the dog here and go with the chargers plus the eight and a half but I'm not that confident I'm just going to give it a one elsie I'm going to go with the chiefs and that's my four Oh okay Greg Bergman. One I am also taking the chiefs but a two. Okay Louder I'm taking a chief at three. Okay. So this could swing it right here. I need this is good. 'cause I need to do some, make it up here I need to make up some grant. points. goosing last week, we had to buys. Buys a ties pushes. Raiders and saints. The saints are five and a half point favorites on the road at the What, what are those? Those vacuums, those vacuums that Roomba Roomba. Yes. The Big Roomba in Las Vegas because that's the stadium looks like the Big Roomba five and a half point favorites the saints against the home team the raiders I'm GonNa take the raiders at the Roomba plus five and a half, and that's my to L. Z. I'm going to. I'm going to do something I. Never do what's that GONNA pick the Raiders And then I'm going to do something always do which just show confidence in them one. This is really more of a lack of confidence for me and drew brees. He's really hasn't been that great. Of the Dome in a couple of years. So. He's not as good in the outside of the dome. So New Orleans so that it's really more about drew and Michael Thomas Remember. House game. Yeah. So there's that too Bergman. Obviously. I'm going with the raiders, my three than Josh Jacobs. Going to run all over the scenes. Okay. I'm going to go against all of you guys and go with the saints and that is my one. Okay. Okay. Okay. Not Say we're not sure so. Don't Ono. Next the Patriots Cam Newton after a one of those start will be taking on the seahawks. The seahawks are four point favorites in this game I'm GonNa ride with Cam Newton and bill bell check I feel like they're going to do this crazy thing where they're going to win some games. People are GonNa be like Whoa what's going on in new in? New. England tend they make the playoffs candidate, win the division? How good are they? So I think that I think they can win but I'm taking plus the four because I think they're going to run the ball light and keep it low-scoring pats plus four, and that's my three L Z. PATS plus four, and that's your three. Yeah. Who are they playing again the Seahawks, the hawks

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