Hurricane Sally Expected To Bring Lots Of Rain Across Metro Atlanta


Street. And Sally is moving very slowly Dumping a lot of rain and she's headed our way bringing that rain The heaviest rain midnight tonight to 2 p.m. tomorrow. Two day rain amounts 1 to 2 inches on average for the far Northwest suburbs elsewhere, 2 to 4 inches on average, with isolated totals over six inches possible and our team coverage continues Now, with double USPS Bill kayaked you catch Seo, who reports live that Metro Atlanta's getting ready? Yes, Sabrina, with all that rain predicted flooding is a major threat for metro Atlanta. We're paying very close attention to the storm. When that fire captain Tommy Rutledge says Swift water Rescue teams are ready with any storm. We always make sure that we have personnel that we can call back at a moments notice. I am a division chief Bruce King has similar concerns. The big thing that we deal with trees followed the houses and power lines, which he says Khun slow down rescue efforts. He urges people to stay off the roads during heavy

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