Three flavored cigar companies sue Philadelphia over law restricting sales to kids


Philadelphia stop sales of candy flavored tobacco two kids last year with law that limited where they could be sold cigar maker suiting June today, City officials and others blasted the lawsuit and the companies Hey, whatever you City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe reports 18 year old Aidan Gibbs says she'd watched her friend buy $1 packs of candy flavored cigarillo is sold right next to $1 candy bars until her friend was thoroughly addicted. So gives welcome the law that limited sales of the product to adult on Ly stores. Now, she says, she's angry Cigar makers are trying to upend the law during the civil rights movement to be allowed to put products back in black neighborhoods where it all started for my friends. Put them back in black neighborhoods during Cove it with a disregard for the greater risks the disease poses on black people. Councilman Curtis Jones says the products were marketed much more heavily in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, which was one reason he sponsored the bill. He says he'll fight to keep it in place. Sometimes when you go to the school yard and have to deal with a bully doesn't matter what, win or lose, you do have to stand up to the cigar makers did not respond to requests for comment there. Suit alleges the law is overly broad, vaguely worded and preempted by state. A

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