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You keep Jeremy Up Okay father. Oh. Yes there. Okay So one of the things we talked about. as Crusaders especially in the chat revenue is all of us moving to one place. Do you think that's a better I a good idea or should we stay put and just be associated like we are through these Internet things and phones and chat rooms and whatever else Just, Kinda what is your gut feeling about the idea of some kind of Maga nation we all we all move somewhere or no let's stay kind of. Throughout. The be all the east wherever we are. Where do you fall out on that? Right why I think that the rules of the sermon could really help us out a lot What's so important about? Making decisions especially as a community or an individual. it's important to purify our intentions. Why are we doing such and such thing right and then? If I, if I've discerned with all my a my reflections and taking the weighing the pros and the CON. if I see through the tradition of the church, the example, the thing. through the biblical. input. If I see that it's going. WHO This action through this attempt to this initiative is going. To increase with an our view because they already there. But in in our view, it's going to increase the glory of God. And he turns salvage Seoul's. then. We are to go forward with it. if it does not bring about this greater glory of God, then we should. Immediately now, it's unclear because most of the stuff that happens to us as mostly unclear because. You've moved one domino and all the other domino's laugh and move with it. Right right. So So when it when it becomes unclear this is when we have to pray and we have to continue To to reflect the seat such thing that we can propose as a tune into as A. As a community based as an individual will this bring about God's glory will cleese God more and It without my own personal attachments to the result of these things. Will. Bring about God's peace within me regardless of if, I, have my little piece Quenched. Yeah. You know there's something to that two, eight, four, four, five, seven, eight, seven, two, three, listen to Father Jeffrey Jambo in on the show I am David Simpson here who say channels live radio station standing I brought father on i. you know as a person who could talk to practical considerations of setting up traditional communities. Of course, the real point of all this is, why do we feel such a loss of community and a breakdown of of togetherness in one this and what I call it a shattering of Christendom. Now, we have to know that some of this has been because of what just happened in the world we've been in a revolutionary state for five hundred years part of course, is the complete falling down of all proper authorities. We don't know who to listen to and who's going to right the ship. But much of this I think is, is wish father's getting to it's just kind of blow me away You know fall you mentioned in answer. How you? You should seek the will of God in the thing and you. Know peccadilloes or desires or whatever else really aren't supposed to be the driving factor but I find even in my in myself I and again I I meditate is the time I should be better at this by now but it's China leave eat my own pain like you know the sorrow that I feel of a lack of community you know instead of offering that up to God I'm saying well I the SARS gotta go the SARS got a guy I don't want I don't WanNa be alone I'm lonely I don't have the friends that I want I want more relationship and it God not wanting to give me that I shouldn't be seeking correct is that what you're saying That's correct. You know. The the book of Stan You. It says that the way. God. Thinks man does does not and vice versa so. I think put into quesion to give us a lot of peace of mine. We understand that every advanced of the Kingdom of Christ in our society is going to take bloodshed in other words. All Salvation takes place through Christ being hoisted up on the cross Will suffer his three hours agony. So there is no salvation without the cross. We saw this in a very graphic on September fourteenth for the triumph of the Holy Cross. Malir not that feet they is. It has a tone exuberant try. That would almost baffle us because we're the theme is the crawl met the nails. On the bloodshed that exaggerate but all of a sudden, the church gives us his curve ball and all of a sudden were like. Contemplating the beauty of Cross. Now. I say that because every traditional community that's going to farm moving forward every pre that's going to be coli. Every family that's going to avoid adultery and will produce saint within their household is going to take a participation in the very crucifix of Christ. But another not be dismayed because was saying then Augusta says about the crucifix of Christ. said that. One tears shed over the the The crucifixion of Christ. Does more good to the soul than an entire year of pilgrimage and Jerusalem. You know. So that should give us the thing to not not pick castles in the air not to look for an easy victory. Rather. This is all going to be strenuous, but then God will give us His grace.

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