Cafeteria worker on White House grounds tests positive for COVID-19: reports


There is news tonight having to do with another case of Corona virus within the White House complex however and email one out to White House staff tonight. Confirming a cafeteria worker has tested positive and contact. Tracing is underway. The cafeteria is over at the Jason Executive Office Building which houses a number of White House aides including senior staff officials from the Corona Virus Taskforce Vice President's official office national, Security Council and the like. The cafeteria is run by a contractor. It is now closed down another commissary. Another building was also shut down. The White House has told staffers. There's no reason for panic or alarm. You'll recall vice president's press. Secretary and trump's personal valet have tested positive for the virus. Thus far last month it was reported several secret service agents and campaign advanced staff assigned to the president's Tulsa rally were also positive

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