Coca-Cola's stock surges, after profit beats expectations while revenue falls a bit shy



Quarter results for Coca Cola Kate volume down profits down thirty three percent, the biggest drop in quarterly revenue. In, twenty five years and yet. Shares of Coca. Cola op couple of percent this morning. Jason Because CEO James Quincy says basically, the worst is over and so I guess optimism carries the day. I mean yeah, hopefully that is, that is the case you're right. They did note in the called that they felt like the second quarter of the quarter. This is reported was going to be the most impacted quarter. Further year in. You know it's interesting to think about the impact of this business because you would kind of think. Maybe it shouldn't be that bad, but that's only if you. Are Thinking about grocery store aspect right I mean. There's a tremendous F. and B.. Restaurant dynamic to this business in when you look at it from a global perspective that obviously. is going to make a big deal given all of all of the shutdowns in the restaurant sector over the past several months, and it does feel like. I! Say this only partly tongue-in-cheek. It really does kind of feel like coca-cola needs to do something. Different they need to change and I think that you know. We've always been really high on Coca Cola as distribution playwright. We've always talked about that. It's real competitive advantage so let's take that. Let's go one step further because clearly I mean if you determine that you are a SAS business if you call yourself as SAS business, no matter whether you're a SAS Iran. The market is going to give you a little love for that. A COCA COLA'S BEEN A. A very very bad stock known for the last five years. It just has the returns aren't there Pepsi's been a little bit better, but really cocoa has been falling short on a number of fronts, but soda as a service Chris Sas I. Mean Maybe we've had this discussion on the show before. I can't remember old confused but soda as a service. Maybe that's something that could at least helped light a fire, some optimism under the stock because you're right. Even with. The performance today I mean it seems it seems to us to be material, but when you look at the performance over the last five years it actually it is kind of meaningful, because this is not a, it's not not a company that's performing A. Liking it once used to, and I think that has to do with lot just the fact that they're selling. Drink. That is becoming. More and more obviously not good for us.

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