Episode 13 - Part 2 - America's Powerful Underground Sex World - burst 5


And this is really weird. Now you know Jeffrey I've seen from what we see as a very eccentric guy. He gets around right. But the man had an painting of Bill Clinton a blue dress. Blue Dress It was reminiscent the blue dress that Monica Lewinsky war. Bill is lounging on a chair in the Oval Office hanging up. This is hanging up in epsteins, man Manhattan townhouse, according to law enforcement sources. He was hanging there very prominently soon as you walked in in the room to the right, the source told the Post everybody who saw it laughed and smirked. Now. I got a lot of questions. I mean I'm not an art, but you know from what I hear epsteins into young girls. Did him bill. Have something else going on I'll know. But more haunting. Would you have something like that? It's Kinda strange. Maybe bill was. Perhaps a

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