Leaves First With Ken Druse


So yes, oh, foliage so I, if not for the leaves and I have to say with as dry as it's been here, I. Don't know if you're as dry. It's a little tricky to keep all the big leafed things that are my particular obsession. Happy so. Leaves. What's your thing in foliage in Y, Y foliage? Maybe you should. Tell everybody why we're both leaf obsessed. There's so many reasons I'm. Leave obsessed because I love the way you put it in an email to me. I'm sixty percent son. At best so it's kind of a shady garden and some things. A lot of things flour in the shade, but. It's not the big showy flowers so I depend on the foliage and the foliage last three seasons flowers, sometimes flowers have leading. US maybe it'll flower. The longest two weeks would be incredible something flowering. There's so many things in the garden that flower for a day. They don't call them dailies for nothing you know. Yeah but I love the color and the texture and the form, and the mass of and putting it all together, having something, tall and skinny with dark green leaves and something, fat and round and bushy with lots of texture, and when I look at the garden, it's so incredibly colorful, and there's not a flower incite and I've got that for months right. Right so I don't know where we want. It began about time big boys. Voice I you know I don't even know. I. Suppose it began with a plant that maybe I wish I'd never started growing which was for sale at a local nursery. Several decades ago when I first started gardening here, Pettis, it's ex hybrid est it's not actually japonicus. It was sold to me as Japonicus, but it's petty site. It's a a Butterbur I guess it is from Asia. It's big, tall thick stems that hold up a very large, very very large leaf, a couple of feet, few feet across green. It's just green, but it looks very sound like something you'd find in the rainforest. Rainforest or something so very bold, almost tropical feeling and I brought home a pot of it a million years ago and put it in a spot in the backyard and It's a very aggressive plan. It turns out and again this is decades ago. Who knew whatever and so? I have to kind of trench around it or we'd around it to keep it from going sideways everywhere, but so I have this big circle. Circle of it in the backyard we love, and so I suppose that that was one and around the same time that got me addicted to the big leaves, and at the same time, a former botanic garden that's we used to be part of the new. York Botanical Garden the Kerry Arboretum. It was called at the time. The carry institute now of Ecosystem Studies, which is about forty minutes away from here but it. It was on I was weekend. Gardener and it was on the drive was I passed it on the way, and I saw the plant sale, one Friday and I stopped in, and they had two plants that were in their garden. astroboy ladies, which has very big leaves in the shade and Jersey. A-. A cousin of it also brought home pots of those, too. So I think that's where my craziness began bigger, the better. All My life knowing you. I thought that these were intentional things. That smart the way

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