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Where are we? We are in Los Angeles. We're about to turn onto sunset. Boulevard Hollywood maybe in Hollywood. Okay, so we're. We're approaching. Hollywood hills. Really Tall Palm Trees. So should we explain why we're? We're driving through sunset radio. There's a bunch of billboards here, right? That's what we're. Getting at. Less Ronnie our producers, etc piled, a newborn, took a drive down Hollywood's main drag. It's a traffic jam packed with billboards promoting new TV shows and movies. I've been covering the business of media for a long time, so I served as tour guide for this trip, but Ronnie is a data reporter who mainly writes about tech companies. She doesn't typically pay a lot of attention to what's going on in Hollywood. Here, we have a a the crown net flicks up on the right. Have you watched any of the crown yet? I have not. On the left we have marriage story billboard. This is a Scarlett Johansson. I don't think I want to watch that. You may not be the right person for streaming roddy in a row. We got the Irishman. That's Scorsese's film and then DOLEMITE is my name. Reading that right. Alfie, these are both movies. They're both movies. You can see on Netflix Sega. Any of these this is this is a worthwhile trip for learning. What's on Netflix? You could just actually go to your browser. Are these like already outer. These are like I don't know. Someone like hermetically sealed raising. A drive down, sunset isn't just a chance for Ronnie to see what's coming on. TV, it's a way to watch Hollywood talking to itself, these billboards are messages which are very much directed at Hollywood except now. netflix's doing most of the talking. Stranger things net flix. The politician. Net flicks, one billboard tuna flexible work three Netflix. Netflix well years ago when Netflix was first getting into its own programming. Executive there told me that because they were tech company. They didn't have to do things that traditional media companies do like renting billboards, so it could show big-name talented netflix serious about Hollywood. That guy turns out was wrong. Netflix has decided loves billboards so much that it went out and bought some for itself, and now the company owns many of the signs on the Strip. This, you still look like before streaming. That's one of the main ideas we keep running across as we're working on the series, it's almost impossible to imagine what the world like before Netflix. Even though that time was just a few years ago. If you didn't know any better, you'd think. Netflix's has always been a huge part of Hollywood. Syphilis can be fatal to your baby free. Check that out not flick show. UNCLEAR UNCLEAR? Welcome the land of the giants. The NETFLIX's effect. I'm Peter Coffee. Today. We're talking about how NETFLIX's. Would outsider that no one took seriously took over the town and change the lives of the people in it. Are the CO founder and CEO of Net flicks. I'm going to conduct this interview netflix style. I'M GONNA. Have like five questions you're GonNa love and five thousand. You've never heard. Today. It's given it. NETFLIX's remade. The media. World to companies becomes so omnipresent in our lives that CEO Reed. Hastings even counts as a sort of celebrity. He's a big enough deal for a guest spot Stephen Colbert. You're like one of the big one of those big new media disruptors. Why did the entertainment industry need to be disrupted? Just for the fun of it. On this happened really quickly. We talked to Kim Masters veteran show business journalist at the Hollywood reporter who said that a decade ago Netflix's was an afterthought for big media companies newcomers from Silicon Valley or anywhere else did not strike fear in the hearts of moguls. There's a thing that happens in Hollywood. Which is the outsiders come in, and they think boy. There's a lot of stupid rules in Hollywood and people sure do dumb stuff, but we're going to be much smarter than these idiots, and then they get kilt. It turns out that Netflix was the exception to the rule. It didn't get killed at one. And NETFLIX's did it with Hollywood's help. You can trace all this back to two thousand eight, which is when Netflix's really broken into streaming by getting his hands on a bunch of blockbuster movies for a bargain, Ben, price, it had made a deal with stars premium cable channel. Let netflix's stream always rate movies from Sony and Disney so stars had created the service called Vong which nobody listening to this podcast is GonNa Remember, but there was a service before Netflix's. That was streaming. Streaming movies called. Longo Van Gogh was losing seventy million dollars a year. Rich Greenfield is an analyst with light shed partners. He's been following digital media closely for years, and in walks, Reed Hastings in Ted Sandoz and says hey will take that streaming content. You could sub-licensed to us and we'll pay you. Tens of millions of dollars Netflix's use it as the base to build their streaming service, versus what was historically just a DVD service. And the rest is they say is history.

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