Introducing: Gregory Peck - burst 03


Lot about Mars is upper atmosphere from spacecraft Light Marvin laving depending on how you want to pronounce it, which is in orbit around Mars at present, but hope is designed specifically to look at how these to. Behave. It Scott Three scientific instruments on board on a basically one is a high-resolution images, so it will be looking at cloud formation. will be also looking at the surface of course. And, then to spectrometers to look at the the the elements in the atmosphere, wanting the ultra violet, one name for red. So very specific questions that we hope will be answered by by hope. It dovetails very nicely into the to the flotilla of spacecraft already gone to. In terms of its scientific mission, and just one final thing I'm assuming this. This mission successful. Will Be. The fifth will make you a the fifth space faring nation to reach miles. I'm just trying to remember what the others are. NASA coves Russia. India and I think China is the other one.

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