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Are back rounding around third base. Right, now. The final home stretch ready to tag out finish up the show last segment. Here I hope you guys have been joining it. This is the GMC football podcast I'm your host cave on his army? We are heading into segment four. We're going to break down the to last AFC teams to give you guys a recap so far we had the dolphins taken a step up going from five and eleven last year. The really one of the best five and eleven performances I've seaver team that starts out. Oh, eight in. In, the beginning of the season Brian Floor, as one heck of a coach looks like they're gonNA. Take a step up. They're gonNA. Go Six and ten and I wish I could give them more wish I could say hey. With with seven teams making the playoffs this year they might be able to be that seventeen, and hey, if all stars align and things work out, maybe they. They will but just with the questions surrounding this all season with the limited time that that was going to have with his quarterbacks coach with Ryan Fitzpatrick with his receivers. I just don't know they'll be able to make that step. Ryan Fitzpatrick Awesome. Journeyman quarterback I, mean seriously he. He's a mid tour and he's GonNa to became a came into the perfect spot with Ryan Fitzpatrick being. Being there and Ryan Fitzpatrick if he starts hill with him some games. There's no doubt about it, but he's not going to get into the playoffs. So that's why I got six and ten like I said they'll take a step up. Just won't be that playoff. Step up yet. The jets I'm worried about the jets on worried that they haven't put enough talent around same Sam Darnold. DRAFTED MCI BECTON The offensive Lineman. The Beast Offensive Lineman out of Louisville I. Don't think it's enough. I think he still needs more help. They'd still didn't add me wide receivers. You know they had. They brought in for Sean, Perryman. They drafted Denzel Men's names. They have JAE crowder. They add my boy, Braxton. Berrios. They don't have that number one receiver. Though they got a lot of death, it'd be perfect if they could have that. One guy that number one receiver, and then those those depth receivers to go with them. They don't have that and with with the offensive line with Adam Jason Question I. Do Think Lady On. We'll have a better a better season than he did last year. I think he'll get more accustomed to that offense, but still worried about that team on, so I had them taking a step back going six ten, instead of the seven and nine last season. Now we head to the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Bill and remember real quick after we do excuse me. The bills and the Patriots were then going to look at the MVP conversation for the three different positions quarterback wide. Wide Receiver running back, give you the favourite's give you. The long shots have some fun with it every year. You never know who comes out of nowhere I get that quarterbacks are usually the ones that win it or excuse me are always the ones that win it, but this is the season where you can have some fun. Open up your imagination. See what comes out so the buffalo bills. It's an off season of optimism in Buffalo, and the bills are coming off three straight years of strong defensive performances while continually to adding pieces. To the offensive side of the. The result is one of the strongest rosters in the League's handout hands down and the potential to win the AFC east final. For the first time in several several years after revamping the offensive line and skill position groups over the last two seasons, the bills twenty twenty NFL season. It will be one that quarterback Josh Allen is GonNa need to take some steps forward? Because if not, he's GonNa get some criticism. You know these first couple years. He's got some criticism about his accuracy. But he's been young and he's over. He's improved or he. He's actually off. Done better than what the Experts would think let's put it that way. Okay, you know. He's overachieved for one. A lot of people thought out as him coming out of Wyoming so because of that he's got in this kind of pass now. They went ten and six now. They won the players now. They went in the playoffs. They were really close to winning a playoff game. There now becoming the favorites and the pressure is going to become going to start to really rise on on Josh. Allen shoulders here and it's going to be interesting to see how he handles that. How how does he handle that? I mean look. It's forty. If you guys look at it, you're back in two thousand eighteen. That that draft. Baker Mayfield, the cocky coming out of Oklahoma just took his team to the to to the College Football playoff had a remarkable season. You had SAM DARNOLD USC? Who had one of the best rookie a freshman seasons? He's had in his first year at USC. You had Lamar Jackson. who was the dual threat stored? Who was just that? Spark that Mike Vick type player, and you have Josh Rosen out of Ucla, and then you had Josh Allen Wyoming. See at all. These these names out of these schools, and then you had quite. Oh, Josh Allen that no one really talked about well. Now that we look at it, I mean. Other than Lamar Jackson Josh Allen the best quarterback out of that draft. I mean obviously things can change but I i. don't see it that way. I mean I. Think. Josh Allen is the best quarterback that's come. That is coming out of that draft class. But other than Lamar Jackson of course, so the second best quarterback coming out of that draft classes, and and the second most accomplish, too. I mean other than the more you know. He has the wins.

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