164 nurses' shoes placed on the lawn of the Capitol


Says the number of actual Covad 19 infections infections is is a a lot lot higher higher than than the the 3.9 3.9 million million reported reported so so far. far. This This is is based based on on a a new new study study and and we we hear hear more more from from ABC ABC is is Victor Victor a a kendo. kendo. The The study study looking looking at at antibody antibody tests tests in in 10 10 cities and states from March to May. Finding depending on the location. The case rate could be 6 to 24 times more than initially reported were now in July. With hospitalizations on the rise in 40 states. The self looking like the Northeast did in April. In his first Kuroda virus briefing since April, President Trump acknowledging the severity of the pandemic, it will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better. Hospitals like Baptist help here in Miami or pushed to the brink. It's exhausting every day. We feel feel like like we're we're in in a a race race a a marathon marathon with with just just one one I I C C u u BED BED left left nurse nurse Rachel Rachel ever ever says says it's it's wearing wearing on on the the staff staff compared compared to to March March and and April. April. What What are we seeing now in the I C U Oh, March was just a tip of the iceberg, and every day it's coming into more patients, and they're very sick. As cases rise. The debate over reopening schools raging the clock is ticking. Mindy Grimes Pesky is one of dozens of educators and parents suing Governor Rond De Santis, who wants kids back in the classroom. The governor suggested. The teachers who don't want to go back inside of a classroom could do something like take a sabbatical. Could you could other teachers afford to do something like that right now? Absolutely not. I mean, to make that statement just lets us know that he is not in touch with what's happening. She and her husband are both teachers, and they're concerned they could bring the virus home to their son who's immuno compromised. In a congressional hearing, Executives from five pharmaceutical companies said they hoped to have hundreds of millions of doses of affordable vaccine. To be ready by next year. They were asked if they would send their kids back to school without one. I don't know the answer. Yet even for my three Children were wrestling with the same challenges. Parents cross country trying to figure out right. So you come to a conclusion. No, sir. We were talking about that tonight at dinner. I don't know you. Just if if you're confused, Think about that all across America. Vice President Pence with a different message. I can tell you with my wife seated right here. If our kids were elementary school age or high school or college, we wouldn't hesitate sending back school. Because I've been looking at this data every day. The virus continuing to take a deadly toll on frontline workers, Fianna Tulip mourning her mother, Isabel Papadimitriou, a respiratory therapist in Dallas, writing this skating obituary, blaming politicians and their lack of action for her death, writing Like hundreds and thousands of others, she should still be alive today. Even inviting Texas governor Greg Abbott to her mother's funeral, saying his statewide mask mandate was too little too late. I invited him so that he can see behind these numbers. There are really people who are suffering Jackson Alabama in Washington, D C. The National Nurses union, placing 164 pairs of shoes on the lawn of the Capitol to mourn their fallen

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