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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last week at the age of 87. Louisville Police have arrested a man who say They say shot two police officers last night. The shooting took place during protest that broke out after it was announced that none of the three officers involved in Briana Taylor's death. Will face criminal charges for killing her safety Wolf of member station W. F B L reports, tensions remain high in the city. Louisville's intern, police chief said Lorenzo Johnson was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree assault and 14 counts of wanton endangerment directed toward police. He declined to say whether the alleged gunman was a protester. Meanwhile, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer called for calm. Violence is not the answer and destruction is not the answer. Public safety and the work for racial equity and justice can and must co exist. The two officers are expected to recover. Louisville, Please said they made 127 arrests related to the protest. This is NPR. The Security Council debate about covert 19 turned into a diplomatic shouting match. Today We have details from NPR's Michelle Kelemen, the US ambassador to the U. N. Kelly Craft is blasting her colleagues for what she describes as they focus on political grudges at a U N Security Council meeting on the pandemic, You know shame on each of you. I am astonish and I'm disgusted. By the content of today's discussion. She defends the Trump administration's response to covert 19 and its decision to pull out of the World Health Organization, insisting that China should be held to account China's ambassador accuses Thie US of trying to blame others for its own failings. Michelle Kelemen NPR news The State Department, This is NPR. Florida prosecutors air dropping a misdemeanor charge against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was accused of paying a massage parlor for sex. The judge had blocked prosecutors from using video against craft that was captured on camera secretly installed by police at the orchids of Asia spot, the court ruled the camera's violated customers right to privacy. Japan's new prime minister is calling for a reset to the country's relations with South Korea. Abigail Leonard has details from Tokyo. Prime Minister Yoshihide Asuka announced that he told South Korean President Moon July in their countries need to repair damaged relations, and he said he wants to work together to counter the threat of North Korea. The issue has become a top priority for Suba, who also sent South Korea a conciliatory letter last week on the day he took office. The two countries have a long history of friction that flared up recently, Korea demanded compensation for laborers forced to work for Japan during World War two. Japan, then remove South Korea from a list of preferred trade partners. For NPR News. I'm Abigail entered in Tokyo. In the latest economic data out today for the U. S. Sales of new homes rose by 4.8% in August, reaching a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.1 million units again. Reported today by the Commerce Department follows steep declines in March and April when Cove in 19 infection spread across the country. The Dow is up 223 points. This is NPR

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