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Two door, Honda ran a red light and was struck by a pickup truck. The 18 year old driver of the Honda and a 15 year old passenger were both killed. Sheriff Chad Chronis Ter has put out of PSA aimed at young people. So far this month, fourteen's have died in traffic accidents in Hillsborough County, A teen driver failed to operate the vehicle properly. Neither lost control or ran. A red light is urging parents to talk to their kids about safety on the highways. ST Pete Police have now identified the man whose body was found inside a burned out car along the Penelas trail near the twin Brooks Golf course. Earlier this week, 55 year old Jesus Manuel Tamara Soto was identified through dental records. ST Pete and Gulf Port police. Now working the case as a joint investigation phone scam, telling people a family member is in trouble in a distant city and needs money is back with a new twist. Waiter haven police say woman got a phone call from an international number, claiming her daughter was in a traffic crash. She gave the color information. The caller then told her toe wire $1000 to Mexico because her daughter was being held hostage by a drug cartel. Someone was heard screaming in the background. She sent $350 only to find out that your daughter was safe in Orlando. Police say anyone who gets such a call should reach out to law enforcement. Gordon Byrd NewsRadio Wofl, a Tampa City council members talking about ways to get more black and Hispanic recruits. Councilman Orlando Goods says the requirement of a two year degree, maybe keeping minority applicants away. I think that someone issue right now that you don't have a lot of manure is able to go to college in Goa, a CC To get the 60 Credit Hours. Council also discuss giving more powers to the Citizens Review Board. I'm Reid Shepherd News radio. W L. A. The American Foundation

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