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Over on the android developers blog over Google very excited because saw that android eleven for android TV is here, which is very exciting. Introduce android eleven on android TV was the name of the the blog posts. No super exciting, and it's only sort of now Basically, it includes permissions privacy features in memory management for android eleven it will also support for provide support for low latency mode on certain TV's it's got an expanded gamepad support including the tend to switch pro controller steam controller. Also a silent BOOT MOOD FOR SYSTEM UPDATES TV standby for an activity. No mentions at all. Of any UI changes at the moment this whole update was actually more meant for developers those way more under the hood than the front end side of it men currently only one devices supported the ADT three They stay teas that more devices are coming in the coming months but good question as we're on the eve. Presumably on the eve of the presumably run the eve of the announcement around Google's new roll out from the Pixel five all the way down a google chrome cast. What does this mean for Google chrome cast with Google TV device? Is it GonNa Launch the android eleven? Who knows we go to wait and see but I like all this activity around Android TV Jason, what do you think makes? makes of the impending comcast announcement. I don't know because I seem to remember there was that leak that said Oh yeah. The Sabrina device is gonNA come out and it's going to have android Lebanon. It's GonNa. Look totally different Blah Blah Blah. This really unless Google is just kind of like taking us for a ride a week ahead of of the announcement this just feels like it won't last launch with android eleven So I'm not entirely sure what this means for the U I and and for this device this device then to launch with android ten and still be called ANDROID TV because it won't be rebrand or. I don't now I guess we won't know until next week when they actually officially announce it but we do know the name of this device is going to be the google chrome cast with Google. TV, that makes me think that there's some sort of branding change shifting away from android TV Google TV, which would make me think that there would be a change to the UI in some capacity but. I don't know I mean. I feel like do for changes I mean I I I'm probably saying this out of several months now of using ANDROID TV and being tired of the you it but. I do think it's do but if it's not if it's not that point in time, then we just continued to wait but but I do think that it could use a refresh this point. So yeah. Well I do too and and at the same time I'm very curious to see the device that was supposedly going to be running android. So has the eighty three well, not nobody developers have the ADT three it's a developer box it's not a consumer product. It's not something you can go into a store and buy. So really we're just waiting find out more, but this is early. More more coming. So that's always good to know that more is coming. Yes. Oh Yeah of course both.

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