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A chance against her? you've got Bob Baffert in five horses. He's got three in there. So I'll take baths in the race and Princess Noor has not been tested yet just one breeze breezy and then both of her victories and she's very impressive and definitely the one short chirp price in the one to beat and. In the chandelier and you got battered but the other two horses that one's a million dollar philly limitation the other ones who seven, hundred, thousand dollar Ille- Florida and undefeated. Aluminum maiden going against the winners I. I'll go with Princess North maybe a free spot in the been your exotic for your pick fives fours threes hard to go against Princess Nar and Victor Espinoza aboard her baffert. Nice minoso teamed up, of course with war emblem back in two thousand two to win the Derby and the preakness. Veteran that knows how to ride and get the job done and I. Think Victor I don't have any problem at all records on or Saddam backing. We continue breaking down the Breeders Cup preview races at Santa Anita with our good friend. Terry Terrell. So we'll get back to the racist themselves in a moment, but I want to bring up something we've discussed on this show before Terry the changes to the writers use of the crop those provisions take effect in California October I know more than six times total in a race no more than twice in rapid succession before leading the Horse respond and only underhanded there are other provisions to but those are the main ones how do you think this will affect the racing? That's a good question there. You've got the whip rolls that has been changed multiple times and they finally come down on a set of rules to me are very confusing and these jockeys when they're in the heat of battle making split-second decisions, they're going to be asked to count how many times they hit the horse besides trying to decide where they're gonna go between horses outside or horses or whether they have to steady behind horses or if they hit the horse more than six times, how much trouble are they going to be in? Just thousand dollar fine but. A lot of more take the thousand dollar fine. If it means winning a race or not I just think it's very confusing I don't think there's a real set of rules that. Are GonNA stick from coast to coast because there's such a this it's like lasix it's such a controversial topic. What about the safety of horses and riders? How do you think it'll affect that? Another good question that I don't really have the answer to talk to the jockeys. They say we can't and the trainers they'll say without a whip, it's dangerous out there. But yet, you see shoemaker never used to use a whip very seldom use a whip with because he were mostly with his hands in his in his brain. And a lot of these guys they are the opposite not the jockeys will they'll start hitting their horse right out of the gate to get him get attention. Then if a lot of horses if they lag or if they need to be woken up, they'll need to be probably you know reminded throughout the whole race or else they won't perform. So it's just every horse is different and every jockey's different races different and you're just adding another set of rules that to me are are confusing and I think it leaves too much for interpretation by Stewart's and a third party, and because everything says, it's up to the stores to determine if the jockey has abused. The horse and the whip rule, and so they're gonNA be counting to whip sick. You've got three stores up there. You've got placing judges. So one guy, he's GonNa, Watch all these courses and count how many times they've got to hit the horse and then have before it's official. They have to go back and look at this guy hit the seven times. I. Don't know about that. It's just confusing the penalties are confusing I just think it's going to be very interesting to see how they adapted this and you're GonNa see a lot of whining and crying and I can understand all the pros and cons and as the nays about it, it's just a controversial rule. Let's hit one more race happening this weekend at Santa Anita and that's the Rodeo drive. We Mention Tau Bob Baffert has a particular type of horse that he likes to bring into his barn, a dirt horse that can run with early speed. So you don't often see Bob Baffert in turf races and sure enough he is not in the Rodeo drive but trader Richard Baltas is he's got to pretty good shots in here in Lady Prance Lot and voted Cheetah how do you see this race shaping up? Both of those verses Bochy Lady Prance a lot have similar styles of they. WanNa. Raise from you know from far back settled and make that one big run european-style. A Horse that has speed could possibly prove a mild surprise because these sources have to navigate what a Cheetah invaded France a lot after navigate traffic I. think a Cheetah has the most speed of the two horses and can be placed more in. A forward position by maybe and providence been aboard for most of her races and done a great job with her so I would take voted cheat over lady grants a lot and I think is maximum Raden Simon Gala Hams. Callahan's barn is peaking and also has a similar style tactical speed, which is the most important thing to me and turf racing that goes five and a half furlongs as your tactical speed. Interesting that Umberto Risley the turf master had ridden maximum rate but will ride lady prince a lot in this race Lewis Sayas as who will also be piloting maximum security picks up the mount on maximum rate in the Rodeo drive. Terry thank you so much. It's so great to hear your voice again stay safe and be well. I will lead you to very thank you very much. Our thanks once again to Terry to route. It was a bit this comforting to see all those fans at Deauville each Sunday. When I tuned in for their stakes three, thousand was one estimate but the coziness of Deauville meant social distancing room was hard to make. The French. Reported no new COVA cases June twenty-fifth but ever since then the daily total has climbed on September fifth over eight, thousand, five, hundred new cases that day alone to Deauville crowds, those cases can't all time but the optics surely weren't good and there were so many people that champion rider Christoph Sumi on was caught in traffic in mid July and missed his opening ride. Don't you think a spike in covert cases could spawn from allowing so many people to stand together albeit outdoors the British are complaining their business might fall if closed-door racing continues through next spring and into the summer, but we each must act for the benefit of all. You can get us on our youtube channel by searching the podcast you can get us on Stitcher spotify soundcloud tune in the pink apple podcasts. APP. And of course, in the listen tab of the ESPN APP for the full in the gate experience subscribe. Now in the listen tab of the ESPN APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show those reviews really help other spine us Including the MENSA members in America's best racing. So maybe they'll put us in their fans choice awards for best podcasts. Next November where we should have been last November you can follow me on twitter at be Abrams boys or on Facebook at Derry Abrahams boys that's in the gate for this week I'm Berry Abrahams. We hope you're safe and healthy as you listen to this and we'll see you next time.

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