Of good. So. Right there in the hedge. Nice. Dramatic. Late September Day. Out here in East Anglia. In the fields. And it is not currently raining. Good. It's been raining very hard the last few days. which is. So depressing. The temperatures dropped though. Don't worry I'm not going to do too much chat. And it means that I'm no longer in my shorts and I'm now in my long grownup man trousers. then. My favorite ones there should a slacks. But they're a little bit stretchy who they've got some gifts to them. I love it, and that's important because. I spent a lot of time indoors. At my desk over the last few weeks slash months. Disappearing down rabbit holes of one kind or another. And one of the Rabbit Holes I've disappeared down. has had biscuits at the bottom of it. So stretchy trials. Just at the moment. quite handy but look forgot to say, hey, how you doing podcasts at Buxton here Claiming every gate. Rose. Let's go this way. Anyway look. We've got a fun podcast ramble to enjoy and right now I'm going to tell you a little bit about my guest for podcast number one, hundred, thirty one which features a rambling conversation with British journalist and author and returning guests to the PODCAST Catlin Moran. Gotland facts I'm recycling some of these from my previous intro. Catlin grew up in a three bedroom council house in Wolverhampton in the UK with parents and siblings. She was educated at home from the age of eleven having attended secondary school for only three weeks. She began writing as a young teenager in the nineteen eighties and quickly found success in that field. By the age of eighteen, she could be seen on Channel Four's music and comedy based magazine Show, Naked City. I keep forgetting to Catlin about naked city along with co hosts, Johnny Vaughan, and Michael Smiley. CATLIN's early life experiences formed the basis for her twenty four t novel how to build a girl. The. Film version directed by Cokie Goodrich and starring Beanie Feldstein of book smart and Lady Bird. Fame was released earlier this year and is available to stream now. On Net flicks I believe. Cutler latest book is the Follow Up to her twenty eleven international bestseller how to be a woman. Of, in a woman. Finds. Catlin writing about. Many of my favorite things to talk about parenting. middle-age marriage, existential crises, and of course. The feminism. My cope with Catlin was recorded on Wednesday the second of November twenty twenty. The day before. In the publishing world as Super Thursday. Things that we did not talk about. Corona Virus Donald Trump J. K. Rowling. And most of the other current. Hot Topics of conversation. Things we did talk about. Sometimes in quite a bit of detail. So Consider that a warning sex fought dogs, dogs, and genitals. Especially, male genitals however in amongst all that. That is a serious section of the compensation. About eating disorders. Which Catlin writes about in her book off to her. Daughter struggled with an eating disorder for a while. And you will find links. To, the organizations that Caitlin mentions the description of this put cost if that's something you or someone you know is going through. All right we'll be back off my chat with Catlin. For. Another small slice of awful but right now. Here we go. You. Have both people. Oh Look Catamaran has entered the waiting room for this meeting I. Admit Her. All lovely boys. That's the sound of Caitlin. Moran, and that's the face of Catlin Miranda. Catlin if you've being having a busy day of press yes it's open back to back because US press at the same time. So it was late finish yesterday the newly stopped thing, and we'll just continue that for two weeks but you can't complain and also everybody's got out at the moment knows that Anton decks the guys you got to beat because they've got to cut this week. So we're all kind of united fuck you. I will do as much promos. It takes to get me when the trout's what's and decks book about it's cooled once upon a timeline. And that's as much as I name. Wow. They've co written now I wonder if it's confessional I wonder if aunt goes into some of his recent struggles and things like that the that managed to pull out of it for serialisation was that they thought about leaving Britain's got talent in two thousand eighteen. So I don't there's anything to recent or to SOS erase it would already but the front another son so I think it's very Very, safe paddle through the shallows. I think the Kokin hookers shame is being left for volume team maybe and everything book wise is being published in this month. Now, because a whole load of books were delayed from earlier in the year mine included this I've just been informed by someone who knows about these things. Today is Super Thursday or something like that. It's the mega Thursday, six hundred books or something ridiculous coming out it's like there's a migration of authors into the bookshelves. So we right when they pushed us back to you when doing is tomorrow well, I think tomorrow as well. Right where we're you for Thursday. I mean I'm not likely to be giving anyone any serious competition also because my audio book came out earlier this year and I feel as if in some ways, I shouldn't be saying this but I was gonna say in some ways, the audiobook has its natural environment having said that the physical copy of my book is an extraordinary beautiful thing that will enhance your life whether you've read the audiobook or not. How do you? Deal. With repeating yourself in these promotional things I think you'll probably doing a bit more promo than I. Am I would imagine we'll think is like a rolodex in my head of subjects and like the book, the twenty four chapters, each different subject, and then the stuff from other books and general opinions on life and I always try to make it not my vagina straightaway. I feel like I've done over join in my life and Like move on from there and focus on the knees which when you middle-aged becomes more of a priority because they heard that's been the major change in my life to hurt. The Tub quick me. When did you begin to hurt when I started running like an idiot that was my big mistake. They've been doing fine I had left them alone. We lived in peace I did not trouble them. They did not trouble me as soon as I pounding them up a hill they were like, Hey, what's this? What's the deal with the running I don't understand though how people run don't get bad knees has an expert. Told you right? I mean science I'm guessing I haven't looked would tell you not to run. It would just be you know. Something's gone wrong. If you're running generally in history and they never get better, I'm increasingly thinking that maybe my future you know when you see those dogs, the fact that that legs taken off the wheels on the back and thinking. That's probably where ongoing given. I'm not running in this story hurting to the dogs have attached to the body actually or is that removable thing? It's gotta be a harness. Yeah. I thought that they realize now catching up on a boat I don't they had the wheels nailed them. And that was a permanent thing now I realize. Shoving Axel through that. But you tended to try. Like thinking about it. Gives the dog more freedom because otherwise the domes go away for you strap on the dog wheels whereas a more independent minded dog might want to wheel around when it won't. But what about when you get tonal shifts because you'll book incorporates. A lot of extreme variety in tone and I was reading a section earlier on again that I want to ask you about if it's okay I don't know how you all like. Are you okay to talk about the stuff in your book got APPs elite the yen worried like kind of a being given like on the subject of my daughter She's given me some very strict instructions which she wrote down with don't fuck this up do exactly what I say Yeah I'll ask you about that later on. But you know reading that bit as apparent as a human being it was very moving and sad and frightening, and it was hard core I was crying when I was reading it, and then you'll reading other stuff that is very funny. Sad you negotiate those changes of tone within an interview because presumably sometimes you can do an interview and it's all fluff and fun, and then the next one can be on the psychiatrist's couch I mean I think the thing is in leaf you are literally loving woman crying the next anyway on me it seems weird to me the conversations usually tend to happen on one level like going to. Have you seen like a mate or you've watched a really great compensation. It has gone you WanNa have Assad bet and happy to have a little bit of an angry maybe two three minutes the assault little bit of fury. So yes, that is what humans alike aren't we. We are a mixed bag.

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