San Francisco 49ers complain about 'sticky' turf at MetLife Stadium after injuries pile up vs. New York Jets


Explained to me about the playing surface at metlife stadium with the jets giants, and what is the biggest concern what happened during the forty niners jets game on Sunday a lot of lower leg injuries. Some season ending injuries including one suffered by nick boasts of the forty niners defensive and I think that really changes that team dramatically to not have him. The complaints began to come from individual 49ers players saying that there's something wrong with turf that their foot gets stuck in the turf and I started to poke around the giants and the steelers played their six days earlier they had no issues with the turf. From the jets, the response was we were too busy getting our faces kicked into notice anything wrong with the turf but the forty niners had the issue they had the complaint. The League's position is these fields certified they're certified by an independent inspector they're certified by the teams well to me. That's good enough to, and because we've seen plenty of crappy fields. That have been certified certified as being suitable for play. Remember the Fedex fields shows the day they had to paint the Dirt Green for a playoff game, the game where Robert Griffin two thirds a finally went. So I I don't accept that as being positive in the NFL PA has echoed the forty niners concerns that maybe we should take a look at this. What's the harm in reconfirming that everything is fine with this playing? Surface it feels like something more than just sour grapes by the forty niners. There are enough guys complaining about it to to at least raise the question of why not take a closer look and make sure there's nothing wrong with this new playing surface. But what can you do? Can the niners refused to play the giants this weekend? That's what makes it so fascinating usually, what happens is the road team if they have a Problem with the field or not coming back for the rest of the year, they may not be coming back for eight years. If it's an interconference game here, they are seven days later back on the same field and the giants have come out strong JOE judge. Head coach said, we practice throughout training camp. We have no issues at all with this and I don't think the NFL going to get any relief I. Mean we've. Seen in the past where we're field has gotten so bad a teams had to tear it and replace it at New England at one point they had to get rid of the grass and put down field turf but I don't think that's going to happen. I. Think the forty niners will just going to have to deal with it and I don't think the NFL is going to concede that there was an issue with the turf. And they're going to go forward and we'll see what the forty niners players have to say after playing there again, this weekend,

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