At Long Last: Hawaiian Overthrow Episode


Pay and welcome to the PODCAST, I'm Josh. Clark. There's Charles W CHIPP Brian over there. Aloha. And Jerry's other somewhere aloha and This is stuff you should know. Malecki. That's. Yeah. That's actually a little known fact. That's the Hawaiian way to say Merry Christmas to you. Add another story by the way this pretty interesting. Yeah Yeah, I have to say before we get started, we have to give a huge shoutout huge to a dude I don't know his name, but he's on Instagram as people at the Kenaka Kyw. Okay. Well, maybe that's his name. So what maybe? So or it could be Kyw cannot who knows he's he calls himself the Hawaiian Hillbilly but he has every time we post episode he goes on and Comments Hawaiian overthrow episode please he's been doing it. For like years yeah. Yeah. So Nakai, this one is for you man. Long last and now he doesn't have to jump into the big Wu. Right. So what I'm hoping though is that he's not like super well versed in this is just going to be inevitably disappointed. Hopefully, something he wants to know more about. So He's been asking for for that one. Well I'm glad he told us for years because this is a really interesting and not at all surprising story. No it's not and basically what we're talking about. Today's the overthrow of Hawaii and IT TURNS OUT THAT HAWAII? One of the most beautiful states in the Union probably the most beautiful state in the Union the state were you may I got married in fact. Into sure sure if you're into tropical paradise yes. There's not much better somebody from Montana might be

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