Bernie Sanders says Trump threatens to undermine American democracy


The president won't contest the outcome of the November election, even if it doesn't go his way, did it after the president refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, saying, We'll have to see what happens. His spokesperson pledges Mr Trump will quote accept the will of the American people. Kayleigh Mcenany suggests it's Democrats who won't You have that beautiful quote from Hillary Quint Clinton that Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstance, So I think you're fitting is more question more fitting fitting question for Democrats. Clinton's quote from last month has her, saying Biden should not concede because she believes the election will drag out. Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS One Time contender, Bernie Sanders is calling for an independent commission to oversee the process. This is not just an election. Between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is an election between Donald Trump and Democracy. And democracy must win. The president

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