Their next Congress. Their next Senator


Matteo. The battle over the replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg heats up. Joe Biden addressed the issue this afternoon in Philadelphia, said it should not act until after the American people select their next president. Their next Congress. Their next Senator Donald Trump wins the election. Then the Senate should move on his selection and weigh the nominee chooses fairly. But if I win this election President Trump's nominee should be withdrawn as a new president. I should be the one who nominated Justice Ginsburg successor Marks your chief of staff for vice President Mike Pence on CNN President is prepared to make a nomination very soon, I think is, you know we've had a couple nominations that provide the president an interview. A lot of candidates he's narrowed his list. More from CBS's Nancy Corners of the Senators and AIDS I've spoken to this weekend expect that Republicans will try to get the ball rolling right away and perhaps hold confirmation hearings for the president's nominee before November 3rd before the presidential election. The question is whether they'll try to hold a final vote on this nominee before the election as well. The latest CBS News Battleground tracker poll has Joe Biden leading in Florida and President Trump Ahead in Texas. Jennifer Do Pinto, CBS News deputy director of survey, Rhinovirus still weighs on the president in both Texas and Florida. Those who say the virus is a major factor in their vote are backing Biden and blame the administration from making the outbreak worse. These voters also think the president downplay the seriousness of the virus for political reasons not to avoid panicking The public.

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