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Talk with an eleven thirty forged. This week I'm doing my monthly special edition Children's book. Shade. Involving Young Review Review is talking about an sharing F- favorite books. So before my children invade minded for studio and take over my program for me, let me tell you a little bit about what we'll be talking about today the big H. p.. Harry Potter the whole series I should probably say, I'm going to give you a few pointers before my children give their opinion I want to make it absolutely clear. I will not be influencing my children's opinions on these books at all I have left them to release them and to say what they think of them I. Think it's quite important on a children's book review showed the children. Get, to give an honest opinion based upon their own responses to the books. So before they're here, so they can't hear me chipping in with my ideas I I read the Harry Potter books the summer that the Fourth Harry Potter book came out. It was the the goblet of fire Harry Potter and the culprits of fire and the reason I, read them is because it was impossible to have a conversation in Brinson at all. At the time without Harry Potter coming up it was what everybody was talking about. They talked about some of Potter Mania and of course, non-christian friends were asking me well, what do you make of these books? I've heard the some contrive Assi some Christians don't like them. They think they promote witchcraft blah blah blah, what do you think and I couldn't give any kind of an intelligent answer because I had no idea what the books were about other than they were about a wizard Harry Potter. So I read them, and in fact, as they came out that I read each one. Book came out about once a year after that and quite honestly, I, enjoyed them reading them Nardo. Reading Children's books as an adult obviously get a rather different view than you would if you read them at the appropriate age but liberty enjoyable read I didn't think they were satanic nor did I think in fact they were particularly good literature. I, think it was hugely over hyped I. Think JK rollings had a great idea for sellable story boarding schools are infinitely mysterious to the overwhelming majority of people. I'm in a pretty small minority even Britain in having actually attended a boarding school. So there is something very interesting about boarding schools and people like reading about them. So add to that magic and broomsticks and. Moves and dragons and mythical creatures add on top of that a colossal battle between good and evil, and every story had a colossal battle between good and evil, and you've got an incredibly potent story. So I, think she was very clever I. Think she came up with extraordinarily captivating story and likable characters for all the criticism in fact, off Harry, Potter as a character, the main three of very likable at least relatable even if not. Completely. As they get older, they make mistakes. They're not perfect characters at all. That was my feeling. I went down the middle there. I didn't think it was great literature and I'm not convinced everyone's going to be reading it in one hundred years time but neither did I think it was particularly corrupting influence I. think There are much nastier books out there targeting young people which parents need to be very, very aware of I. have been horrified by some of the literature that is being directed at children who are really still at primary school they're supposed to be for young teens, but actually the reading level is much more say nine ten years old I might actually do a program at some point in the future drawing attention to a few books. I think parents should really avoid which gratuitously violent, very, very sadistic in tone and conveying all the wrong messages. By comparison, I think how reporters justice of a rollicking good read about wizards I do however appreciate that there are some concerns about Harry Potter. Particularly, the use of black magic curse is in the books which I did not know about when I read the books it was only effect when one of my children went to a faith camp one summer that she came back and said, do you know that jk routing actually uses real curses in in the book there there are. COTS that they're supposed to avoid. There are actual spells that get mentioned and rather troubled by that. The sad thing is my feeling wars when she told me that that for someone like jk rolling and I'll talk a little bit about her biography in a moment spells and. Blessings and curses adjust words it wouldn't even occur to her that. There might be something dangerous in repeating words that Satanists us now I don't know if it is actually true that that is the case that is simply what I heard fire my daughter. So not researched this and I'd like to make that. Clear. I'm not accusing JK rollings of anything however I do think if if it is true that sort of language is used, my feeling is. Ignorance I. Think we are so secularized as a society we have lost any sense of the power of words that we have to be so careful. What we say my children are forbidden from say.

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