Understanding The Minds Natural Processes


In total meditation, Re take advantage of all the mind's natural processes. To address all imbalances together not just one GITAI. Today. Let's examine these natural processes. So here, we will talk about number of natural processes I number one mindfulness. The way you recover from distraction. Your cell phone rings while driving, you're mindful response is not to answer but stay focused on driving. To Self. Inquiry. This is the way your mind recovers from habits. You complain about work all the time self enquiry ask yourself why you remain in a job that makes you unhappy and but you deserve better. Tre- self reflection. The way your mind recovers from thoughtlessness. You consider yourself a getting but vigilant parent. Recently, your teenage daughter has become secretive. You reflect on whether you have been hovering. Over whether she's acting like a normal teenager struggling to find the right boundaries. Contemplation. This is the way you mind recovers from confusion. You have a new boss who has your job much worse difficult in terms of pressure deadlines and his behavior. You stay there. Tried to fake a walk away. Ugandan plate and read the options. Concentration. This is the way your mind recovers from pointlessness. One of your old friendships has become stale and your friends seems boring instead of leaving things that that you concentrate on what you can do to rekindle your relationship. Prayer prayer is the way your mind recovers from helplessness. Suffered a personal loss and feel depressed and lonely to relieve the suffering. You ask in prayer that it be resolved through grace or through a loving God. Quite. mind. This is the way your mind recovers from overwork. At work you lash out at someone the person is upset and afterward. So you before apologizing you find a quiet place to regroup and let your mind rest. Control breathing. This is the way you buddy recovers from stress. When you feel stress check to see how your breathing. Taking. Regular, Debretts for a few minutes meets the pressure with election response that clears your head and removed. From your body. Bliss this is the way your mind recovers from suffering. Search. Your memory dime sudden joy without really knowing why. The on Kanye the feeling the closer to bliss you came.

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