U.S., Canadian authorities warn against annual 'Float Down' near Sarnia, Ont.


Home that word from Canadian in U. S. Officials ahead of the Port Huron float down this Sunday WW days, Beth Fischer, with 5000 people are expected to take to the ST Clair River on rafts and inner tubes from port here onto Mary's Ville. But there's a pandemic underway U S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Jeremiah she soul All we can do is discourage people from going. Canada is a lot more forceful in AH warning people. Canadian officials won't let us cross the border unless it's for essential. Business. So if people float in a Canadian waters, they could face $750,000 in fines and up to six months in jail. It could also mean covert 19 screening, she still says. For those who do go wear a life jacket and have your cell phone in an airtight case. Beth

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