Susan Rice, Biden's Potential VP, Divests From Netflix


Places for personal gains and everything But she sold at three hundred thousand dollars stockholdings. Okay. So. Real. Quick. We got only got a few more minutes. We started a little bit late today guy. So we got a we're we're going to do a little bit more tiny bit more passing Levin. Okay if it is Susan Rice right. Let's talk about her a little bit. This talk about Susan Rice. Who is Susan Rice Who is Susan? Rice? Let's start at the very, very bare bare minimum starting at the very bottom. NETFLIX's director. NETFLIX's director. That's it. She's obviously female. Start their. American diplomat academic democratic policy adviser former public official has served as the twenty seven United States ambassador United Nations, two, thousand, nine, two, dozen thirteen. And the twenty four, th states national security advisor from two, thousand, thirteen to two, thousand seventeen. Now. Here it is. because. Some people are really excited about the possibility of it being Susan. Rice. Right. So what is? What is something? That's not good. You know what's what's the negative side was the negative things about what's the? What are the cons about Susan Rice Be something that people would have a problem with if he wants US Susan Rice Benghazi. is where she withdrew her consideration. For replacement of retiring US Secretary of State Clinton a dozen twelve Based on the contract dry controversy related two, thousand, twelve attack on the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi. So I, don't know if she's attached to that. Again next negatively to that you know. Something about Susan Rice enemy nation to said, Susan Rice will get crushed for her role for unmasking Michael Flynn. That's news to you. That's news to me but it made to may have been involved with that. I just saw to that Flynn was just back in the news to man, and because the government suggest attorney general bar had secret reasons for dropping Michael Flynn criminal case. So. I mean. Having Susan Rice I mean

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