Taco Bell rolls out 'Jalapeno Noir' wine only available in Canada


Why? No Why? foot. No They're making foot. wine? They're making wine? Yeah, Jalapeno Yeah, Jalapeno in the wire. in the wire. You You Callup Taliban Callup Anwar. Taliban Anwar. Francis. Do you Francis. know they did Do you their backpack know they did their that backpack can hold an that entire can hold box an entire of wine box earlier. of wine earlier. Now talk about Now talk psych. Hold about my beer. psych. Hold my beer. Notes of wild Notes strawberry of wild strawberry cherry cherry beet root. beet root. Pairs well with Pairs well their with new their toasty new toasty excuse me, toasted excuse me, toasted cheesy. cheesy. Chiluba, Chiluba, which by the world which won't by the have world menus won't until have menus until November, November, But they've been selling But they've been bottles selling on bottles the Taco on Bell the Canada Taco Bell website Canada for website 25 for 25 bucks bucks about 19. about American, 19. by the American, way. by the way. It doesn't sound It doesn't like they're planning sound like to they're sell planning them to sell them in the United in States the United any States time soon. any time So if you want soon. a bottle, So if you want a bottle, you're going to have to you're get going it on to have eBay to get it for on eBay the time for being, the time but it's called being, but it's called jalapeno jalapeno noir. noir. They say, notes They of say, wild notes strawberry, of wild cherry strawberry, cherry

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