Clippers vs. Nuggets picks: Who will win Game 7 and reach the Western Conference finals?

First Things First


Time time for for take take your your pick pick nuggets nuggets clippers clippers game game seven, seven, tonight tonight nine pm, the winner advances to face the Lakers. Kevin wiles. Let's start with you who wins tonight? Yeah Oh. With, the big game in joker also has a big game but I, think they put the clamps on. Jamal Murray. Also big win for the Celtics little bonus pick from Kevin wiles. Brandon. No, you gotta go with the nuggets. They have all the momentum. Don't see how you stop this team. Especially, if they're finding the basket I, think you're going to see a big game from from Harris. You'RE GONNA see a big game from Michael Porter Jr. and then we're going to see a interesting western conference finals. Bad game by Paul George Nick Right. It's the only person in America to get this series exactly right nuggets and seven from the very beginning never wavered America. We finished off tonight.

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