He expected to be I'm sure. Last night on ABC hosted by former



In March about it's totally over exaggerated. Nancy Pelosi was standing in the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco. Late a month, more than a month after that, saying, this thing's totally exaggerated come, you know, to try and build up tourism. Yeah, that was President Trump on ABC last night. Meantime, CNN being sued for $300 Million by Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. He claims the network deliberately to faint him because of comments he made defending President Trump. During his impeachment hearings. Hurricane Sally dumping rain on Mississippi and Alabama this morning after making landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama as a category To storm they could get us much as 30 inches of rain all along that coastline because Sally is moving so slowly into an over the area forecast to continue dripping heavy rain later this week into the Georgia and the Carolinas as well. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick reportedly says an announcement about further reopening Texas is coming this week. One move could be to allow restaurants 75% capacity from their current 50%. I got a Chinese virologist who says she has proof that China's government intentionally released Cove

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