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Shaffer. Models released by the U. S government suggest a future with less water may arrive sooner than previously projected for the seven states that rely on the Colorado River. Relatively dry summer government scientists project late pal in Lake Mead are 12% more likely to fall to critically low levels by 2025. Then they projected in the spring climate change and for a long drought have compelled some cities and farms to conserve water to secure the river long term, but it remains over tapped. What about a Supreme Court has ordered a change in the handling of DUI cases involving fatal crashes by prohibiting prosecutors from charging defendants with second degree murder decision stemmed from a case in which authorities say man caused a fatal crash after driving with marijuana in his system and speeding by court concluded the state cannot level a second degree murder charge for death resulting from BU. I like I said, I'm going to the legislature. I'm asking that some changes could be made so that people that engage in this extraordinary behaviour Of the speeding of 120 miles an hour with drugs and alcohol, causing carnage on our roadways. They should be punished more severely. That's Clark County District attorney Steve Wolfson, who says the decision will result in prosecutors dismissing second degree murder charges in at least five cases. A flight headed to Las Vegas Tuesday morning had to be diverted after a passenger refused to follow the airlines mask requirement. A spokesperson for United confirmed the email that flight 8 59 from Newark stopped in Omaha, Nebraska, so the disruptive passenger could be removed. Law enforcement officers met the plane in Omaha. The plate, then made its way to Las Vegas. President Trump has presided over the signing of historic Mideast diplomatic pacts. He looked to cast himself as a statesman weeks before the election. On my balcony overlooking the South Lawn. The president called it a step toward changing the course of history. After decades of division and conflict. We marked the dawn of a new Middle East as Israel Rain and the United Arab Emirates signed agreements normalizing relations.

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