Speech Processing for Disease - Dr Ami Moyal, President, Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering - Voice Tech Podcast ep.076


Order to improve performance. Well, that's very true. I mean, a lot of the companies I interview on this podcast. Voice Technology providers. They are vendors who have a certain type of whether it's speech to text or emotion detection or what have you. And Yeah the voice industry is probably. A little bit heavy on the technology side right now, and he's a bit more investment on the product side on the usability side to develop those those killer use cases that take advantage of all the API's that you're talking about. So call out to people. Thinking on and and try and use the amazing tech that now exists because there's so much opportunity out there. By no question them before we wrap up obviously, we're talking about the future. Now you're working the world of education. As I wanNA know thinking of the children the technologist of the future what engineering technology. Approaches. Is, should we be teaching our children in order to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Voice Chops Tuesday is a weekly newsletter. The helps you build better voice apps. Whether you're looking for research chops, deaf chops or design chops. There's something in there for everyone just go to voice tech podcast, dot com slash newsletter, and look forward to your Tuesdays. First of all. I don't believe that the these of extreme importance to look at that location continue Komala Listrik. Perspective. From Preschool Primary Middle and secondary school through academia and finally entering the. At each Boeing's on the continuum, there should be a clear vision of not just the knowledge but also the skills we expect to have been acquired but that stage and the curricula to reflect the Exponential pace at which the modern world is advancing means that the current generation lead to have skills that enable them to analyze data thinking of land creatively and work together in multidisciplinary teams to sub to solve problems which most of them are unpredictable. The coronavirus is unfortunately a good example. Engineering Education does this. We have been doing this effective for the past several years by placing an emphasis on skills in order to educate excellent engineers. This is not a Schroeder, an easy process, but I strongly believe it is a must not only from the perspective of workforce readiness but also spot about judy to educate the generation of thinkers skills that will enable them, but she posts on excellence while I, love that I'm a the focus on scales as opposed to knowledge every bugs me the snobbery around academic qualifications and just being able to hold up typically versus. The utility that comes from actually having hard skills that you can apply. not, just skills and programming. Of course, that's really important and that's what we talk a lot about on this podcast conversation design development, these kinds of things but also say the soft skills, the communication, the ability to work together the ability to empathize to draw ideas from different sources and put them together the me that that is the true sign of intelligence its ability to make connections between disparate things. I consider myself a generalist I talked to experts in all different disciplines of allergy. And I feel like by listening to podcast and by having these conversations, really allows you to have ideas that other people just simply wouldn't have. And so I think we should encourage our our kids to to explore to be able to create at school to think for themselves, and like you say to focus on actually building things as opposed to just learning the theory and passing exams. I'm afraid that's all we've got time for Ami. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate you coming on announcing these questions and giving us your your experience and tell us about the projects you're working on at the. College of Engineering. Thank you also for taking part in this continuous experiment with rumble studio these acing critic podcast we're now creating in order to have more voices, represented more diverse new voices represented on the audio channels of the future. So I appreciate your your time your expertise in that regard as well. Tell us where can people find out more about you and the ETHICA? College engineering online social media handles, links, and everything else. Of course has official website facebook Lincoln pages a YouTube Channel and twitter account. I also have a personal facebook account through which I update about effect activities. english-speakers will find it most useful. To take a look at our English website can connect to me personally the Lincoln where our post about affects in English. That's great. I can see the euro for the for the website in English is English Dot Africa. F.. E. K. A. DOT AC I l English. Dot fake her AC. And you've got all the information right there. I'll put in that link in the show notes. To check it out and it can just look they're supposed to say thank you once again for your time I appreciate everything you're doing and good luck with the project is extremely

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