Big Ten football to resume weekend of Oct. 24

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We have major breaking news into our newsroom, and this is what we have been waiting for all morning long involved that man and that man and this conference do we have heather standing by guys lipset her break the news because it's her story let's bring heather and Paul into it. Go ahead heather the floor is yours. What is the news this morning? Komo morning sources have confirmed that the big ten is expected to announce this morning that football is back. The date is still in the air. I'm not sure if it's going to be October seventeenth or October twenty fourth but greedy I can't confirm the big ten football is coming back. Big. Ten football coming back in October for those who are just joining us had their catch everyone up on how we got here on August eleven. They announced that they will not play and they were talking about a spring season. Here we are about a month later how did we get from there to here? while. There is certainly political and public pressure but the president's the fourteen presidents and Chancellors said they would not be swayed by that the bigger topic I. Think we will hear a lot about today is going to be the changes in the medical information remember Michigan Michigan State you're talking about an epidemiologist and in infectious disease expert, right? So the medical information had to. Be buttoned up and change in order for this decision to be made I know that over the weekend they were presented with at least four new antigen tests for daily rapid testing results and also helping them with the contact tracing I. Think the question is and also going back to that date October seventeenth or twenty four. How quickly can they actually procure those tests it? Took the PAC twelve a while to get them on each campus so that could be part of the equation. There are still a lot of questions answered but Greenie to me that is is the number one is the differences in the medical information helps sway the president's the number. One question that most fans will have is, can they get a representative season in in time? To compete with the SEC and the big twelve and the ACC and try to get into the College Football playoff I literally just pulled out my calendar. If they start on October seventeenth, it's ten weeks until the College Football playoff selection special, which is set for December twenty. What is the plan as far as you know it about what they will do for a season? Well haven't confirmed the exact plan to be honest but sources have said that they would like an eight game season eight or nine game season with a conference championship game being on December nineteenth as you said to sneak it in. December twentieth selection, day, and I can tell you that if the big ten is going to be allowed back in the College Football playoff all ten s BS commissioners and Notre Dame Athletic Director Jacks Warwick would make that decision. My Gut says, yes of course they would let them in. But at the same time, you have to remember that not everybody's playing right and it's a shorter season for them to continue. So maybe it's a little bit of discussion difficult conversation but I do think at the end those commissioners will let them participate in the College Football playoff. The question is, can Ohio State Win it?

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