The Barrett Brief Trumps Nevada Rallies Pale In Comparison To MGM Lobby - burst 2


Because I know Bo parades or not in fended indication everything but jeter Stan. The bow parades. Organic. appeared because people are desperate to show their support for trump. Folks had a boat parade in Rhode Island. Okay. A parade in Narragansett, Bay in Rhode Island. I mean, it wasn't huge. It wasn't a flotilla wasn't the second coming of the British fleet in the golden age of sailing but still People are are anxious to show their support for him. Is He? He's a great leader No. Is it because the you know he's a second coming of Washington. No, it's because he's the only thing they can see right now. Outside of maybe the governor South Dakota. Who is the you know the return to normalcy the Democrats trying to tell you over Biden to return to normalcy most people are seeing through that. They have to be able see through that. You're independent. Now I get at sixty million people are gonNA, pull the lever for Biden just because he has a D. after his name. I understand that. So a lot of people though. That are looking at this and saying if you give the keys to Biden first of all, they'll drop out of his hand because he's going to fall asleep and second of all everything that you don't like that's going on right now will be supercharged. There is at least the with President. Trump. That some of these things can either be a prevented be stalled. Or See reversed? Or d all the above. And have. So Justin, did you send do we have audio from from trump's rally in Vegas? Nevada I know you sent a couple of things So. Let's take a listen to the first one. Where president trump was at his rallies and just the crowd reaction. To what president trump is saying and and the the hope you can actually feel. That's going on in the let's take a listen to it here on the Babri found the crusade channel. In the Republican Party, we know that police officers are not villains but the heroes who risked their lives to keep us safe and they got you know the thing is incredible. I know so many beliefs they're so good. One bad apple and their own for months. One bad apple to go on for months. So thousands and tens of thousands of good things nobody talks about it. These are great people that have done a great job and we have to support our law enforcement. So by wants to B.'s domestic errors and my plan is to arrest domestic terrorists. And

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