Georgia ICE Detention Center Accused of Performing Mass Hysterectomies on Immigrants


We are following some horrible allegations out of an ICE detention center in Georgia nurse at that facility and lawyers representing clients their claim that immigrant women are telling them. They are routinely being sent to gynecologist who performed unnecessary procedures including hysterectomy hysterectomies forced sterilizations the nurse Don Wildman has filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security earlier today Ms Wooden spoke to our own jacobs sober. Often warning what she has to say here in addition to this story itself is disturbing. You're quoting the complaint of saying that's his specialty. He's the uterus collector. Is that people refer to this doctor? That's how the detainees referred to this physician. Him is I had detained into s she said, well, what is he doing? Miss wooten collecting Alibi uteruses. And I just looked at her puzzle. Because I didn't have. The private company that runs detention facility released a statement that reads in part and we quote Lesao, corrections has a strict zero tolerance policy for any kind of inappropriate behavior in our facilities and takes all allegations of mistreatment. Seriously, our company strongly refutes these allegations and any implications of misconduct at the I. CDC that Detention Facility and a statement immigration and customs enforcement ice says, the accusations will be fully investigated. That's a quote they denied. Detainees are being used for experimental medical procedures. Adding quote I says, mission is to protect the homeland. And to swiftly and quickly remove people from the country. The health welfare and safety of ice detainees is one of the agency's highest priorities. Any assertion or claim to the contrary is false and intentionally misleading is also said, since two thousand, eighteen, two individuals from the facility were referred to doctors for hysterectomies. Now, NBC News, National Security, and justice correspondent Julia Ainsley has been following this story and joins US tonight Julia give us the benefit of your reporting talking to these women directly and trying to reach one of the attorneys in this case. So Brian, what we can tell you is that we have spoken to four attorneys who say that their clients who were in the Irwin County detention center in Georgia were sent to this doctor. His name is Mahindra Amine. That is the doctor that these lawyers each individually identified without us prompting his name we reached out to him and I've deficit. Someone picked up the phone like I'd be making an appointment as soon as I identified myself as a reporter. They hung up I was not able to get through to get a response from him because his lawyers told us that their clients that detainees said that they thought that he was unnecessarily harsh one had a client who reported bruising one had to clients who reported hysterectomies they found out later that they did not need that he told them that they had a cancerous condition that needed to be taken care of the agreed to the hysterectomy only to find out later that was not the case that they did not have to go that far with that procedure. But now here is what Dr Amine told buzzfeed again. NBC. News has not yet talk to this doctor, but he did say that. His lawyer said, the doctor is a highly respected physician who dedicated his adult life to treating the high risk underserved population in rural Georgia, and they believe that this allegations that started with the Whistle Blower Jacob spoke to that they believe that after they investigate allegations that Dr. I mean will be cleared of any wrongdoing and I will say all of these are allegations right now none of this has been presented in a court of Law Don wooten sent that complaint to the Inspector General of D. H. S. They will do their digging. She did not name names she did not even named this. Doctor she did not give dates. It was only from US speaking to lawyers with clients in this facility. Did we learn more of the story we've also learned that this doctor is someone who they send detainees to outside of the facility. He's not actually working in side for ice. One other detail though Brian that I did learn about this doctor is that in two thousand, fifteen, he and other doctors had to settle and pay over five hundred thousand dollars in civil penalties for Medicaid and Medicare fraud with the Justice Department that settlement and twenty, five hundred. So we're learning more but right now he's denying.

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