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Hey Everyone Jefferson Graham Herr hockey tech. I'm here with my friend Richton Bureau Rich on tech from KTLA. And rich and I have been covering Abbas events for years, there was a new one today it was virtual it was very polished. They went off to show new apple watches new subscription services to new IPADS and Gosh. Rich I felt it was missing so much. Don't fill the excitement that we normally feel how about you well, I think you're right it was it. was rushed. It was very fast and there was something that was missing. I'm not sure what it was but I think that apple knows that everyone really cares about the iphone the most and when it's not iphone, they wanted to sort of downplay the excitement. That's the way I fell. So we got a lot of stuff, but everyone's still wants to know about the IPHONE. Now we got a lot of stuff. They didn't talk about the new iphone because it's delayed until October mid October could be as late as November. So they wanted to talk about the watch and the IPAD and I could give it give you the one hour event in two sentences. It's two new IPADS that are have more powerful chips in there faster than ever. It's a new watch that that can check your blood oxygen and a cheaper watch for two seventy nine. That's in-between the the watch him twenty seventeen, and the the new introduced to new subscription services for fitness and for everything that they do and Iowa's fourteen tomorrow there's an hour. Good I'm impressed but here's the biggest news. So so yes, that is the big headlines, but then you have to unpack everything and that's what takes time going through all the little features that apple mentioned all the things that they said, all the things that they did not say, but to me, I think one of the biggest growth places for apple will be the new. Apple. Watch family setup, which allows you to as a parent. You use your iphone to set up a child's Apple Watch and this is very important Jefferson because apple does not want to set. The Apple Watch free because what would that do? That would enable people to have an Apple Watch with any phone they want and they want to keep people on the apple ecosystem. So this new family setup allows a parent to set up the watch for their child. So you're still SORTA tethered, but they can grow a lot of apple watch sales for parents buying these for their kids. Now, we've sat in the audience and we've enthused and we've had a really good time covering these events for several years. Would we have gotten more out of today if it'd been live? I. Think. So I think we would have I mean number one you get to go hands on with the gadget afterwards that's always a nice plus You know you're in the audience I I don't think it moves quite as fast when it's in person and I'm sitting here in front of at least one, two, three, four screens and it was tough for me to. Keep up with this and it's tough to kind of reference things. They mentioned the IPAD mistakenly said, it was the IPAD seven generation when it's the eighth generation I, mean, how do you keep track of all these things and some of these things are so nuanced like how do you describe what the new IPAD is like I mean it's just faster. I mean. That's really You know I don't know it's like it's tough sometimes to kind of really pinpoint what is better about these devices many of them are evolution at this point. And of course, they've been saying that every every device they come out with this faster for years I never thought the I pat slow, but I don't play a lot of games on it well, and I think that it sometimes the apps do take more I mean my kids are still I look these things do last a long time and when people ask about apple versus other products and they made a big deal today to to pinpoint the ipad being faster than a windows laptop being re much faster than an android. Tablet and way faster than a

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