Been Caught Stealing


Thankful faults jewelry and fine art. Maybe a casino carefully organized plans by people dressed in black turtlenecks with lots of cool gadgets close calls. What we remember as the daring heist of one of the world's most famous paintings. was really neither of those things. The heist wasn't particularly daring and the theft of Leonardo DAVINCI's Mona Lisa. Wasn't even noticed until well after it had happened. My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. These days the Mona Lisa also called in Italy login Kanda and her famous enigmatic smile hang in a prominent place in the Louvre in Paris. It holds the Guinness World Record for the highest known insurance valuation in History at one, hundred, million dollars in nineteen, sixty two. So. That would be about eight hundred million dollars today. Over six million people go to see it each year. It's so popular that you can't even snap a quick Selfie of it without having a few dozen other strangers, hands, and cell phones in the frame. This popularity certainly wasn't the case when the painting was I hung in the Leuven eighteen o four or for the century subsequent. Neither was popular with critics when the artistic elite who often relegated it to the low end of DAVINCI's work it was basically just another painting. It was so unsocial in fact that it took the better part of twenty four hours before staff even noticed the painting was missing in Nineteen. Eleven. A handyman named Vincenzo Perrugia was working in the museum and he simply waited in a closet until after the museum had closed. Tuck to the painting under his smock walked on out. He was unwittingly aided by a plumber also working in the museum who unlocked a for Peruta when he found himself stuck inside. The police were called and they searched the museum. The only sign they found the Japan Kanda was frame laying on a staircase. Though police did find some twenty one other paintings in the museum. The curator's had previously reported missing. The. Search went citywide then national then international. Ships were searched before they left France or after arriving in their port of call. A reward of over half a million dollars in today's money was offered. The Mona Lisa's picture was printed in newspapers all over the world. It became a of Mona Lisa Mania. The theft of this single painting served a spawn multiple criminal enterprises. People on the wrong side of the law knew that those with more money than morals would want to buy. LEGITIM- Kanda. A pair of confidence men from Belgium hired a small army of forgers to make quality fakes, which they then sold to select around the globe. They made sure their buyers were unlikely to ever meet and rested soundly knowing that no one would let on that they had purchased the most famous stolen painting in the world. Though today, one of them would probably take a selfie with it. The huge reward and the number of fakes in circulation meant the police were inundated with leads. For two years they searched tirelessly. But Fruitlessly The sixty man strong force even interviewed, Peruta Twice. But decided, he couldn't be the criminal mastermind they were looking for. Not only did those two years not yield the Mona Lisa the police didn't even find the forgeries. The head of the Paris police retired in shame. Did, peruse, you get an enormous payday for the stolen painting. People were soon to learn that he didn't steal it for money. When ferruccio approached museum in Florence to sell them the painting, the museum's director called the police instead. After. His arrest Russia's stated. I worked in the Louvre making frames for paintings stolen from Italy by France every day I pass login Kanda and swore I would return it to its rightful home. He seemed convinced he would be heralded as a hero. This was sadly not the case but the Italian courts were sympathetic giving him only a year in prison for the world famous theft. These days legit Kanda sits behind more bulletproof

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