Los Angeles Deputy Saved Partner's Life After Ambush Shooting While Injured


Tonight. We're learning new details about the shooting ambush that left to Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies severely wounded. Let's bring. Sarah, she's on the scene for a Sarah one of the deputies actually saved your partners life while she was bleeding from face wound. Tell us what happened. It was absolutely incredible. Both of the deputies are still alive partly because of the reaction by thirty one year old mother of a six-year-old, both deputies still here in critical but stable condition. And incredible show of bravery, a thirty, one year old La, a sheriff's deputy profusely bleeding from a bullet to the face is seen helping save her twenty four year old partner. She applies a tourniquet to his bloodied arm and helps him move behind a pillar to avoid taking on more fire. Both have already been shot multiple times. Surveillance video shows the ambush a shooter fires into. Their car while they sit in their vehicle outside a stop and calm ten female deputy after getting shot both of them four five times her with a broken jaw in the face stepped out gave a tourniquet to her fellow deputy who had been shot in the head is well, probably saved his life while calling for help she and her partner had just become deputies fourteen months ago. I'll pointer the mother of a six-year-old is seen here. She proudly graduated from the Police Academy and Twenty One thousand nine hundred as they are recovering from their injuries at the hospital a callous call for their death by a gathering of about I people outside the hospital. The leader of the group that calls itself L. as Africa town coalition says he hopes the shooting is in retaliation for the shooting of black and Brown people by the. The most recent shooting sparked protests in Compton when deputies shot Dijon, Kizzie for an alleged bicycle. The family says Kizzie was shot in the back and investigation is still underway visit star of retribution. Very. Good start. The Ell ast has faced serious controversy over the years. It's sheriff convicted of lying in twenty sixteen was fired and jailed. There has also been a lawsuit brought accusing deputies of forming a gang inside the department. The most recent accusation and a complaint by a deputy whistle blower said in a deposition deputies formed a gang called the executioners incompetent. He says, they supported the same tattoos and used excessive force on suspects me being a field training officer. Supervisor and I have to. report this this behavior, this sheriff Deputies Union responded to those claims, the accusations of there being criminal gangs within the sheriff's department. That's ridiculous. But Union Representative Hernandez and some longtime content residents say the idea of retaliation like this is sickening to the to the people the group that came out here and and screamed we hope you die that in itself is also pathetic maybe not. As bad as the guy that actually pulled the trigger, but it's just as bad. We don't want those police officers to die. You know we don't want that. That's a tragedy and our prayers go out for those officers and their families. Yes. As the issue you know we, we believe that there should be some kind of reform police department. You know what to make it better for everybody.

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