Los Angeles-area city manager put on leave over social media post on two shot deputies


Manager of Linwood is on paid administrative leave after posting comments, which were deemed inappropriate by his bosses about the shooting of those two sheriff's deputies in Compton, the city manager posted on his personal instagram account. The final of Malcolm X and writing over, he said. Chickens come home to roost. After it was publicized. He made the account private Jose Oma Todo wrote about sheriff's gangs terrorising residents in Compton over the years, and because of that, and the fact good cops don't turn in bad cops. This should have been expected. He also took verbal shots, a chair Vienna wave, He went on to say any shooting is unacceptable and he did not condone it. City distance itself from the city manager and the council voted to investigate an online petition got more than 1200 signatures so far calling for his resignation.

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