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Maybe with the event's title, we should have known it would-be. Short. Tuesday's time flies event flew past at just over one hour, four pieces of hardware, basically, as well as new services and the services bundle we're focusing on hardware today. Surprising, absolutely, no one apple on Tuesday announced apple. Watch series sex running through the hardware. The S six system and package packs a new dual core processor based on the eighth thirteen bionic an iphone eleven it runs twenty percent faster than series five apps launch twenty percent faster. It's the first. Apple. Watch to include the you one ship, an ultra wideband antennas. The series six always on retina display is up to two point five times brighter outdoors than Apple Watch series five. Both the same all day eighteen hour battery life is before and can hit full charge in one point five hours. To features focused on during the devices introduction where the always on all tinder and the blood oxygen sensor. Not sure why always on is important for an intimidator unless you're worried about rock climbing in your sleep Apple says the always on ultimate provides real time elevation all day long by using a new more power efficient, barometric, ultimate her along with GPS and nearby Wi fi networks. This feature allows for the detection of small. Changes above ground level up and down to the measurement of one foot. And can be shown as a new watch face complication or workout metric. More life and death or the blood oxygen sensor and is associated APP. Apple says, series six measures the oxygen saturation of the users blood. So they can better understand their overall fitness and wellness. Oxygen saturation or S P o two represents the percentage of oxygen being carried by red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body and indicates how well this oxygenated blood is being delivered throughout the body. And how it works is really cool according to Apple's presentation. The sensors are basically checking the color of the blood as it passes by. That color indicates how oxygenated the blood is, which is free again. Amazing. Speaking of colors for the to apple watches I've owned I've chosen brushed aluminum. It's easy to match with just about anything. But if you have a signature color or don't care about matching or. Planned to have plenty of apple watches on hand to put on your wrist Apple Watch now comes in the couple of colorful colors. For. The first time says apple a new blue color. Silver Space Grey and gold aluminum case options along with the product Red Apple. Watch. With exclusive matching, bright red bands stainless steel models are now available and graphite and an updated classic Yellow Gold Color Apple. Watch edition is available in natural and space black titanium. Series six also says Sayonara to ceramic while apple didn't mention it during the event. A piece from macrumors says, that is no more. As is the way the arrival of new apple watches also meant the arrival of new bands. This time though whole new bands, not just new colors. Sport Band makes way for so loop. No clasp. No buckle. Solo Lupus a continuous end stretchable ban design that says comes into materials, soft silicone and braided yarn. Nine sizes for those. Apples supposed to have a size guide on its site. Checking Apple side it looks like Sport Band is just making room not seeding the field. Both sport? Band and Solo loop available to order as of now, there's also said to be a first of its kind leather link that wraps around the rest held in place with flexible molded magnets. Nikewatch gets everything we've talked about already plus a new Nike face and new colors for the Nike Sport Band and Nike Sport Loop. Same goes for Apple Watch air MAS- as far as improvements the hardware it's stainless steel cases come and silver or space black paired with single or Dubna, tour styles and an assortment of vibrant new colors. Now about the only thing predictions got wrong for Apple Watch as E was its name. leakers had thought that that was shorthand that it'd be called something simple like apple. Watch. Apple Watch S E is the budget chronometers name. Well mid range chronometer Apple Watch series three is the true budget model still out there selling for one hundred, ninety, nine bucks. An apples press release apple CEO Jeff Williams was quoted as saying Apple Watch S E combines elements of the series six design with the most essential features of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price. No Blood Oxygen Sensor and no, always on display. It does sport the always on all temperature though because apple is taking this sleep climbing thing seriously. Looking at the hardware sports the same size displays as the Apple Watch series five. The S., five system and package and dual core processor deliver performance that's up to two times faster than the Apple Watch series three. The S. E. Packs the fives haptic feedback for the digital crown, and that speaks and here's what the latest speaker and microphone in the watch line. Apple says, watch as e features the same accelerometer gyroscope. altimeter as Apple Watch series six and with the latest motion centers and microphone. It offers robust health and safety capabilities including fall detection emergency, SOS, International Emergency, calling, and the noise. APP. Now, if you decide, the six time is the charm that you're finally ready to buy Apple Watch. The one you buy probably won't have a charger in the box Lisa Jackson vp of environment policy and social initiatives at apple appeared during Tuesday's event extolling the environmental virtues of apples timekeeper. Sometimes. Jackson said it's not what we make but what we don't make that counts. That he's from seeing that says that when she said that apple won't be including USB adapters with this week's watches. As putting them free in the box consumes resources and adds to apple's carbon footprint. Interestingly, people who can afford to buy a charger without giving it a thought. Won't have to do so. A separate piece on chargers Napa Watch from apple insiders as apple, watch, addition, and Apple Watch. Will include a five watt power adopter. Bloomberg's Mark Gherman Kinda cried foul over that on twitter. Quoting his tweet looks like the Apple Watch titanium and Armez model still have the power adapter. So the more expensive versions keep it. makes it seem like it's less of an environmental thing and more cost driven? I can get thinking that as an immediate reaction. Here's the thing though you gotta figure apple sells at a minimum hundreds of entry level apple watches for every single edition or. Sold. Probably thousands. So even though it looks like catering to the wealthy and yeah, there may be a bit of that. Even though it looks like catering to the wealthy dropping chargers, millions of people probably don't need. Might make an environmental difference. No I saw way more than one piece saying not including chargers with Apple Watch is just the beginning. While, it has been rumored that the next round of iphones will also arrived without a charger. Apple doesn't seem to a pulled the chargers from the ipads that are also coming out this week. We'll get to those in a bit. Want to get an Apple Watch for your kid but not give them an iphone worried that mom or dad may have a slip and fall or ended up seriously directionally challenged apple has a plan to watch the whole family. Selling points as far as apple's concerned with family setup, you can stay connected with family members without an iphone from making and receiving phone and facetime audio calls to sending and receiving messages and emails, and even connecting with other Apple Watch wearers over walkie talkie. Parents have the ability to approve all contacts. So kids can safely use the communication features of Apple Watch, according to the company. The activity rings experience has been optimized for kids according to Apple. Emergency SOS is being pushes the benefit though. Apple Watch already does that. And finally school time and downtime or front and Center for children while optimizations focused on health for older relatives take precedence at the other end of the spectrum. Now the news that will make family setup less useful for many. It requires cellular models, of Apple, watch series four or later or Apple Watch S E running watch os seven paired with iphone six s or later running IOS fourteen. Apple also said that kids and older family members of the household using family set up, we'll have their own phone number through a separate cellular plan. So, while you don't need to get GRANDPA and the kids their own phones, each cellular watch will come with a tone cellular plan and. Associated Bill. Family setup goes live today and so by the way does watch Os Savon. that. was kind of surprise more on that a bit later. With such an emphasis on the health, it's not overly surprising that the new Apple Watch Slash Watch Os Combo brings a few new health studies. macrumors runs those down starting with an asthma study being run in conjunction with the Insurance Company Anthem and the University of California, Irvine. Second the peace says Apple has tied up with university health network and the University of Toronto to learn more about how Apple Watch metrics including blood oxygen can be used to manage heart failure. Finally macrumors says apple is partnering with investors at the Seattle, flew study at faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine to explore how changes in blood oxygen and heart rate can be early signals the onset of influenza and Kobe nineteen. The watches by the way are ready to order now. Those opened on. Tuesday, they'll ship on Friday in the US Puerto Rico twenty seven other countries and regions. Apple Watch series starts at three, hundred, ninety, nine dollars adding cellular adds another hundred. Bucks. Same goes for the Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Air Mas- that the prices run higher on the AMAS models. The new bands are also available to now they too will ship on. Friday the eighteenth of September. Though only in the US and fourteen other countries and regions. Porters are also underway for Apple Watch as E. It's got a starting price to seventy nine dollars. Interestingly, adding cellular to that one only adds fifty bucks raising the price to three twenty nine. It also ships this Friday and the US Puerto Rico And twenty seven other countries and

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