Just talking about Paris Hilton.


On YouTube. What's her tagline? That's hot. That's hot. Yeah. Now for many, Pierce is known for having a sex tape. What other stars have a sex tape that went public? Kim Kardashian P. Arthur, the woman from Ah, Baywatch on Tommy Lee. Oh, family, Anderson Boy, Kenny, You're really just go ahead blow. Pam Greer can probably don't remember that one. Pam Grier, That was the original sex tape. Ah Wilford Brimley. Red pit and you have one too. Oh, no, no, no. I wish everyone all right. Here we go. Drew Barrymore. Her talk show premiered yesterday. What's the name of her production company? Puke in a bucket. Andrews Bits, races pieces productions. Well, that's a cute little name, isn't it? No flower films is her production company, Rhea

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