Jennifer Hale Life Lessons - Ep. 190


Rene. Joined by Miss Brittany Bromberger. How's it going Brit fantastic. Wonderful. And we have a very special guest Jennifer Hale here. A you guys. It's great to be here. This is so exciting. We're glad that you could join us today when we had the opportunity come across our inbox that you were out doing some promotion for this project that we're going to talk about in just a little bit. I was squeeze. And I was saving this to show you because it's one of my favorite pieces that I have and I wanted to show you that I have this. Oh. Oh. Yes. So I a friend of mine get to this to me and we were talking before the interview started that the last time I saw you in person was during this press tour did for mass effect three and he knew that obviously all of us here at what's games are big mass effect fans but he was like, Hey, I, got I. got this lithograph signed from from Jennifer and I was like, Ooh, did so exciting. So I just WanNa say having a personal fan girl moment. Christer Cool. Jennifer Funds Story I met you once Oh gosh. Probably around the same time this mass effect three I'll never forget I, embarrassed the hell out of myself I walk up to you and I was like nudity industry. So Vanilla and I was like I'm really jealous of all the romance scenes you got to do with Caitlin and. You're like Oh we took a picture I have the picture I'll have to send it to you on twitter later. Those with the most. Seems to always like. This part not this. Congratulated Jealous. That's funny. I'll tell Raphael boy I already embarrassed myself in front of him. For people who are just joining us and who do not know about the incredible body of Work Jennifer has worked on. She is the Guinness, book of World Records Holder for the most prolific female voice actor she's worked on major video game franchises like massive activist or you're talking about metal gear solid bioshock. Infinite Overwatch Star Wars. Knights of the older public just to name a small handful. She's most recently featured in Marvel's avengers and iron man on VR plus we're going to be talking about her new audiobook that she narrates coming up in just a little bit so. We get into questions for Jennifer, which is going to be the bulk of our show. Today we do have a couple of news items, but I wanted to just run down. A couple of announcements that are happening this week we have some cool streams happening. Obviously, we're doing the show early today as you guys know because our packs online panel is happening at eleven forty five, and that is our what's good Games at home panel that we are doing with our good friend. Joey Noel from kind of funny and of course, Riyadh Emanuel and Christine Steamer are going to be present as well. You guys can wash that which dot TV slash packs to immediately following the show today and then Brittany We have a couple other streams happening this week to we do. So Thursday September seventeenth at three PM is the wonderful world of games journalism. This is an Arctic panel to Andrea and I are going to be on and we have some fun co host blessing from kind of Funny Brandon, Jones from easy allies in Daniel and inside gaming's autumn fair we'll be moderating. So that'll be fun. It's going to be an interesting conversation for sure and this Wednesday at forty five pm, we are doing our PS five showcase library axe. Extreme. Going to be a good time. Yeah. So we're thinking that's when we're finally going to get price details and a release date for the upcoming playstation five console. So lots happening and then on Thursday ahead of the architects panel, I'm once again hosting twitch gaming for the weekly, which should be a jam packed show. You join me at eleven am Pacific Time at twitch dot TV slash twit lots. A lot lots happening everybody it's going to be great and we want you to know we do are still taking questions for Jennifer if you guys want to drop your questions than you, of course, are welcome to put them in the chat but sometimes the chat moves fast and we don't get to see them. So of course, you can go to what's good games dot com slash dear W. Enter them there and we will see them for sure. All right. Enough with the enhancements. Why don't we jump into the News Brittany there's just more leaks happening. I think this xbox reveal has been the leakiest console reveal I can remember a reason history just sounds kind of gross and kind of silly but I'm fine. It's good. So this comes from. And I have to admit I had to read about five different stories regarding the subject before I actually understood what the Hell is talking about. So xbox series s will not run xbox one enhanced versions of backwards compatible games. Microsoft has confirmed that the XBOX series s will not run xbox one x enhanced versions of backwards compatible games and will instead run the XBOX. One S versions of xbox one, xbox three, sixty titles with other beneficial features as reported by C. While the XBOX series s won't run the XBOX. One. X. Enhanced versions of xbox one, xbox three, sixty games it will still be a step above the xbox one s

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