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Up and at five forty. Okay. We're going to go just do that. We're going to have some fun. We're off today early at six o'clock the Sean mcvay show. So we're going to do the. I apologize we didn't take the calls earlier, and I apologize we won't do it here but I don't WanNa mess with Alden who we booked at five, thirty, five, forty, call up eight, seven, seven, seven, ten ESPN. Do you believe in the clippers if so why? Do you believe the clippers will win this game? Do you think they will finally break the conference hookers and are you buying what we're selling about two things between the Lakers and the clippers? The biggest differences are their defense. The clippers were supposed to have the best defense. The Lakers actually have the best defense and then on the other side of this. For All the talent that the clippers have the biggest difference between the Lakers and the clippers is this. Leadership, you may not like Lebron's leadership style, but he's got one. In Paul George do not. And I have talked about this already plenty today. So lining up on that at five, forty, eight, seven, seven, seven, ten, ESPN we'll take your calls after older Gonzales I promise we will get right into we will cater to you okay at five forty, eight, seven, seven, seven, ten, spn Alden Gonzales is going to join us to talk dodgers in just a second Saddam nosy with here on seven ten ESPN Alden Gonzales phenomenal job covering major league baseball for us here in southern California at Espn he joins us now you're on the celebrity hotline. Thanks to our friends at Morongo play it safe good time. So the dodgers played the Astros this weekend there was some fun going on in the stadium while the Astros were coming up to bat alden was the chronicling all of this stuff and of course, they're taking on the padres in what has become a tighter race now in the in the Western division in the NFL. So all thank you so much for joining us. What did you make of the dodger troll job of the Astros? I thought it was awesome and I thought it was just the best that they could do with no fanfare there I mean. It's just I can't. It's just it's really unspeakable just how disappointing it is that I mean for multitude of reasons obviously George but like there were no fans that that Major League Baseball, gifted us the Houston Astros, dodger stadium this year coming off what happened and that no fans were in attendance to just let him have it so I mean. The the dodgers organist Dj I mean they did what they could. It was awesome just to get the list of songs that they were playing for them and it just sort of follow along. I. Mean I think there was one point where we're dealer data rule like let George Springer have it for like twenty seconds of just sort of just trolling them I don't know if they noticed, but it was hilarious I mean they played a song from the cartoon showed Doug I. Mean That was awesome like a kid who grew up in the nineties and Love Doug and the is called banging on the trash can like how could you not love that? So they definitely at least In part made up for the fact that there were no fans there. Are particular like the fact that they weren't married to anyone genre nor one decade you had James Brown. The big payback and you had Jay z her knock life and bad guy by Billy Islas. Do. You think the the players from the Astros though were they aware that they were being trolled because a good trolling only works if the people who are being trolled are where they're being trolled. I'm sure that they were aware I. AM certain that they're aware of everything

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