GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 294: Trouble in Dallas, Tampa Struggles - burst 13


Moving onto the AFC east the Patriots do what the Patriots Do, and that's beating teams in the AFC. So the Patriots of New Look Cam Newton basically look like Carolina Panthers Cam Newton to rushing touchdowns two, hundred, fifty yards total on offense. He looked good. So the. Miami Dolphins did not look the best though. So Ryan is patch twenty, thirty, four, hundred, ninety, one yards in three interceptions. He was sacked once and I think he had nine pressures on him he was not good. QBR. Was Seventy two point seven and he had a passer rating of forty four point six not great Matt, Braida In his first look had five carries for twenty two yards. Mr Gasden had nine for forty John or Jordan Howard had eight carries for seven yards and one touchdown devante Parker. He led the team in or you todd in receptions with four along with gasoline and he had forty seven yards no touchdown Preston Williams had to forty one and he had a twenty one yard reception in his own right. So maybe things will look better for him as the season goes along. But this offense was not on whatsoever they played against a really good defense. In Who did lose a lot of pieces but you know it is, new. England New England had three hundred and fifty seven yards of offense We're all wondering what they will look like without you know Tom Brady and what they could bring to the table with new Look Cam Newton and. They had two hundred and seventeen rushing yards If we go and look at the statistics right now Cam Newton he had a solid game passing at one, fifty, five passing he had seventy five rushing yards. He led the team in rushing and attempts he had fifteen carries for seventy five yards two touchdowns average five yards carry. Ten. Ten carries for Tony Michelle for seven or thirty seven and one rushing touchdown in his own right. we did not see. A lot from any other running back rest birkhead had seven carries for thirty. Two other than that. Everybody else is Kinda out of the out of the picture. Jillian Ataman. Had Five receptions for fifty seven had eleven yards average per reception to kill Harry had five or sections thirty nine. So that's some pretty good sign for him to be a little bit more in the reception. Game James Whitehead three for thirty. Nikiel Harry did fumble though that's not a good look bill belichick does not like sloppy play but all in all was a pretty solid outing for the New England patriots and a new look and doing what they do. Now, this doesn't mean that they're they're points are gonNA look as low as the dead, but I think this is a good sign that you know bill belichick knows what he's. Doing with this offense and he is going to make his offense work for the players that he has and he's not somebody who's stuck in his ways him and of course, their offensive coordinator or going to have a good time here. This week man are GonNa have a good time and they're gonNA look to be able to do some things with cam that they couldn't do with.

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