Tropical Storm Laura moves over northern Louisiana


Is lashing central and northern Louisiana with heavy rain and damaging winds at this hour. The storm slammed into the state early this morning as a Category four hurricane with wind speeds of 150 MPH Travis Lux from member Station W. W. N N O O reports. reports. Residents Residents along along the the Gulf Gulf Coast Coast are are now now getting getting a a firsthand firsthand look look at at the the damage. damage. The The closer closer you you get get to to where where Laura Laura made made landfall, landfall, the the stronger stronger the the signs signs are are Flooded Flooded streets streets and sugarcane fields, broken tree limbs and down power lines. Crystal bro and her kids spent the morning outside picking up shingles ripped from the roof of their house near Lake Arthur, Louisiana. She feels lucky. The damage wasn't worse. We have friends down in Cameron, and they don't have homes and they don't have jobs because their places of occupation or completely gone. The threat of flooding isn't over even as Laura moves out of state Local streams and buyers are still expected to swelled dramatically due to storm surge in heavy rains. Travis Lux reporting President Trump

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