Republicans Make Their Case for Trump at RNC


Convention. Gavaldon from Charlotte, North Carolina this morning, but is NPR's same Greenglass reports primetime events will continue this evening from an auditorium in Washington, D. C. President Trump's Son Don Jr and Senator Tim Scott, the lone black Republican in the United States Senate. Will headline the convention's first night. Former U. N secretary Nikki Haley will also get top billing. At the GOP gathering in Charlotte. RNC chair Rana McDaniel called the Democratsconvention depressing. Our party is unified. Our supporters are energized, and now we will go forward confident and our cause of re electing president trap. And vice president Pence in 70 days from now President Trump made a surprise appearance in North Carolina, speaking for nearly an hour at the indoor gathering of delegates who made his nomination. Official Sam bring GLASS. NPR NEWS. New York's

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