Salesforce Announces Strong Second Quarter



Start with SALESFORCE DOT com second quarter profits were more than double. What Wall Street was expecting sales forces revenue year-over-year was up twenty nine percent. That continue sort of the revenue growth that we saw the previous quarter. Shares are up twenty six percent right now and I was saying to you right before we started. I'm not. I'm not surprised that it would be up I'm not surprised if it was up ten to fifteen percent, this is a very large company. Going into this report, this is a two hundred, billion dollar company. It's now a two, hundred, forty, five, billion, dollar company. We'll we'll come back to the stock. We'll come back to the stock. I'm sort of getting ahead of myself what what did you think of the report itself? The report itself was outstanding as you mentioned, revenue grew nearly thirty percent year year to buy point one, five, billion dollars in the quarter. This is the first time. SALESFORCE has surpassed five billion dollars in a single quarter. So salesforce as you alluded to is a formidable company in terms of size and revenue generation more importantly, they've been really smart with acquisitions, a lot of the shining stars of this quarter. War Previous acquisitions, namely Tableau, which Razz really proven to be accretive to that company. Over the past year, it grew forty one percent in the last quarter. So it's interesting to look at the not only salesforce core business the performance that we're seeing just and their customer relationship management platform but also the success of their investment arm, the places they have put money have been very smart up until this point.

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