Mitchell scores 51 points, Jazz beat Nuggets for 3-1 lead

Boomer & Gio


Mentioned Donovan Mitchell. He joined some elite company last night and hang hanging there with this one because it's pretty long lobs topped the Donovan millsap comes to close Cantata. Get a little sweet revenge on the same play five on the clock. Donovan through the legs rise fire three sweet revenge talk now Paul Millsap Talk. Now, what are you gotta say that's a three rail Paul Donovan Mitchell. You are something else forty, six, the kid. Talk to me says, Donovan don't talk to me. Fired up David Locke on jazz radio taking it personally I guess fifty one points seven assists for Mitchell sending Utah Pass the nuggets one, twenty, nine and one, twenty, seven, the jazz now up three games to one and Mitchell joins Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. The only players in league history to record multiple fifty point efforts in the same seven game series.

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